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The wheels are turning


Congratulations! Your home just got a little closer to greatness. During this step, we’re reviewing your job packet to make sure we have all the information we need to proceed. Expect to hear from us in the next couple business days to go over the next steps for your order.

What's going on in this step?


It takes a village to ensure your project has what it needs to succeed. Starting with our sales and financing coordinators, they will review and process your paperwork. We’ll let you know if we need anything via phone or email.


Financing is a great way to invest in your home without requiring a major up-front investment. If you are financing your home project, we process and apply for your financing at this stage. Invest in your home and expand your purchasing power with our competitive financing.


Your paperwork travels to our accounting department where your payment is processed. After your payment is processed, it’s full speed ahead on your project! Next, you’ll hear about our pre-installation prep in step four.

There isn’t one way to do things,
but there is a right way.

This philosophy has won us a best-in-class reputation, but it didn’t happen overnight.
We’ve earned it along the way by choosing to have the passion to see each project
through, to treat our work as more than just a job.