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Home-Health Tips — Get your AC Ready in Spring for Summer

Throughout the winter and early spring season, keeping your heating system functioning efficiently is your main concern. Now, warm weather is here, and we are just shy of sweltering summer heat. Check out these tips you can take today to help get your air conditioner become ready for the summer season. Now is also a…

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Do you really need air conditioning in Seattle?

Air conditioning — more specifically central air conditioning — may not seem like a necessity, but recent summers in Seattle have changed many new residents’ minds. What are the Benefits of air conditioning in the Seattle Area? Air conditioning in Seattle offers a variety of benefits, whether they’re obvious and on the surface or not….

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Spring is the time to think about air conditioning

Warm weather is definitely on the way. Soon we’ll trade in the wind and rain for beautiful, sunny days — goodbye coats, hello shorts! But if last summer is any indication, beautiful can mean HOT.

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Safeguard Your Home in Freezing Temps

Plumbing Tips Leave the Water Dripping As water freezes it expands which leads to burst pipes and expensive water damage. The best protection is to ensure all lines are insulated. As a reliable fail-safe when temperatures drop below freezing, we recommend leaving one faucet on so that a drip leaves the faucet every second or…

Posted in Heating

The Facts About Air Purifiers

Do Air Purifiers Work?  Yes! You may be wondering if having an air purifier is worth it? We’re here to break down the facts about air purifiers and how they can keep us healthy and comfortable in our homes. Air purifiers do a great job of cleansing our indoor air. They refresh old, stale air…

Posted in Indoor Air Quality, Wildfire Season, Air Purifiers

Best Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Summer heat in Washington Most Washingtonians can agree that the summertime is one of the best season in the greater Seattle area. Blue skies and lots of sunshine, does it get better than that?  Most of us are excited for some warm weather after a long stretch of chilly days, but the higher temps bring…

Posted in Ductless heat pump, Cooling, Air conditioning

Improve Indoor Air Quality During Wildfire Season

Wildfire Season in WA State Summer is one of the best seasons here in Washington State. Some may even argue it’s the best weather in the country during the months of July through September. Not too hot, and not too cold!  Even though we are lucky enough to receive such amazing weather in the summer…

Posted in Air conditioning, Wildfire Season, Heat pump, Indoor Air Quality

Benefits of a Mini-Split System

What is a Ductless Heat Pump? Ductless Heat Pumps, also referred to as Mini-Split Systems could be the perfect addition to your home. Mini-splits are popular for their compact size, energy efficiency and ability to provide both heating and cooling. Prepare to SAVE money on electric bills One of the best features about a ductless…

Posted in Rebates, Indoor Air Quality, Air conditioning, Ductless heat pump, HVAC

HVAC Facts and Information

The meaning behind HVAC Let’s be honest, we may have all heard the term HVAC thrown around from time to time, but it’s a term that not many people are familiar with. Despite the term HVAC not being one of those daily conversation topics, it doesn’t lessen its importance. So, let’s get to it— HVAC…

Posted in HVAC, Heating, Cooling, Home improvement, Air conditioning

Hydro-Peroxide for Indoor Air Quality

Why is an Air Purifier Beneficial to your Home? Air purification systems are becoming more and more important nowadays. By having an air purifier in your home, it can have a great deal of benefits to your overall health. Many air purification systems help reduce the growth of organisms within your home and effectively destroy…

Posted in Indoor Air Quality

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