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How to Choose the Right Furnace for Your Home

Matt Hirsch | 03/07/2020 | Posted in Heating

There's a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right furnace for your home and it can feel like a huge undertaking with all the available options.

We’re going to break down exactly what to look for in a furnace so you feel confident you’re making the right decision when it’s time to shell out the big bucks.

What to look for in a furnace

A furnace is responsible for keeping your home warm and comfortable. It does this by heating the air and distributing it throughout your home via electricity, oil or natural gas. 

Energy Source

Out of the three energy sources furnaces are fueled by, gas is the most popular, economic and least expensive option. Gas furnaces also save more energy due to lower operating costs and are easy to install.

There are three types of gas valve types:

  • Single-Stage: An older model that most are familiar with, the single-stage furnace features one gas valve that opens and closes and only runs on high heat. When turning on it will rev up before blowing warm air through the vents. This model is perfect for meeting basic heating needs.
  • Two-Stage: Newer than single-stage model, two-stage can adjust the flow of gas between low or high and provides a more constant, steady heat than the single-stage model. 
  • Modulating Heat: The most precise at regulating heat of the three options, modulating constantly and incrementally adjusts the heat for maximum comfort at all times.

Gas furnaces are the most common type of furnace for most homes. However, electric and oil furnaces are a good alternative option if gas supply isn’t available in your area. 

The Right Size Furnace for Your Home

Installing the right size furnace for your home makes or breaks how your home is heated. If the furnace is too small, it won’t heat your entire home. Too big and you risk wasting money because it’s producing more heat than your home actually needs. 

Our Home Project Advisors can help you determine the best sized furnace for your home based on the following factors:

  • Square footage
  • Insulation
  • Number of windows
  • Ceiling height

Simply schedule your free estimate and we’ll help you get started with selecting the perfect furnace for your home.


Furnace efficiency is measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency, also known as AFUE.

AFUE indicates how efficient a furnace is in converting energy from fuel to heat in one years time. 

It’s important because it tells you how much heat is going into your home and how much might be wasted by escaping through a chimney or elsewhere. 

  • Low efficiency furnaces have an AFUE between 56%-70%
  • Mid efficiency furnaces have an AFUE between 80%-83% (good for mild climates)
  • High efficiency furnaces have an AFUE between 90%-98.5% (best for mild to colder climates)

Since Washington’s climate is typically on the colder side for a little more than half the year, we recommend you invest in a high efficiency furnace for your home.

Here at Washington Energy Services, we install Bryant Furnaces because of their high level of quality, efficiency and durability. 

Get fast and reliable furnace installation with Washington Energy Services

We know how important a dependable heating system is for keeping your home and the loved ones in it cozy and comfortable all year round. 

No matter what questions you have, we’re ready to help you find the right furnace for your needs. Schedule your FREE estimate today!

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