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Take these important steps before you crank up the heat

Washington Energy | 08/23/2013 | Posted in Heating

Even if you have a new, modern heating system that is energy efficient, you’ll need proper maintenance to keep it performing at that level. This is the best time of year to get that maintenance done, so your equipment will be ready to go when you crank on the heat for the first time this fall.


For any heating system (furnace, heat pump or boiler) timely maintenance can make a difference, up to 10% savings in heating costs. And importantly, if you have an older furnace, you’ll want to see how much life it’s got left in it, so it doesn’t leave you stranded in the cold.

All heating equipment manufacturers and EnergyStar.gov recommend annual professional maintenance of heating equipment (a “tune up”). And for gas standby generators, it’s required for the warranty.

Why do they call it a “tune – up”? Because it has the same function as the tune-up, oil change or mileage based maintenance you might get for your car.

EnergyStar recommends these heating system maintenance guidelines (and we agree!):

  1. Change your air filter regularly
  2. Get a tune up of your HVAC equipment by a qualified technician that includes:
    • Check of thermostat and any programmed settings
    • Check electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors
    • Lubricate moving parts to avoid wear.
    • Inspect condensate drain in furnace, AC or heat pump.
    • Check system controls, starting cycle and shut off.
    • Clean and inspect air filter
    • Inspect flue piping
    • Check gas connections, pressure, combustion and heat exchanger.

For expert maintenance services like these, call Washington Energy Services at 800-398-4663. Our 37 point furnace maintenance costs $159 and extra pieces of equipment can be added at a discounted rate. We service all major brands of heating equipment. Home Energy Audits are also available.


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