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Congratulations, Bob & Edie you’ve joined the tankless life!

  Edie, a retired school teacher, and Bob, a retired police officer, told us that they have entered a lot of contests over the years but have never won.  We were thrilled to deliver their first contest victory! After a site visit by our team, all of the information and permits were obtained, and we…

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The 5 best ways to save

The 5 Best Ways to Save 10% on Your Energy Bill     There is no one answer to becoming energy efficient.  You could change dozens of small habits such as lowering the thermostat when you’re out, or sealing wall outlets, or you can let your house do the saving for you with systems that…

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Plumber’s corner: Orangeburg pipe risks

What Orangeburg Pipe is and why it matters If you said YES, you have a high potential of having sewer line pipe made of a material called Orangeburg. Since these pipes are going end of life underground now, and since the sewer line is your homeowner’s responsibility, this has come up as a highly requested…

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Top 5 questions you asked us at the Seattle Home Show answered

Top 5 questions you asked us at the Seattle Home Show answered   Is there an electric tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters are energy and cost efficient, and use gas or propane as a fuel source. There are electric water heaters that can produce on demand water but they are not at all energy…

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Hot trends are… hot!

Hot trends are… hot! Tankless Water Heaters – topping the list of most desired home improvements for 2012 is the tankless water heater. In our recent Northwest Energy Survey, 16% of Seattle area residents planning home upgrades in 2012 are looking at tankless water heaters. Why? Because who doesn’t want an endless supply of hot…

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A cozier valentines day starts with a warm home

Employ a programmable thermostat. There are some remarkable thermostats out there such as the Honeywell Prestige thermostat that do amazing things. You can program it to lower the temperature when you go to work and raise the temperature when you are about to get home. Use a special remote to program the temperature based on…

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Healthy credit = great loan rates!

It makes sense to have your credit in the healthiest possible condition when you go looking for a loan. Here are some tips to help you polish up your credit score and possibly lower your interest rate: Pay all bills on time! Late payments really impact your score, and that hit can last awhile. If…

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Kitec a potential plumbing disaster

A green solution to heating has been the use of hydronic forced-air systems for heating. Many eco-friendly communities recently built have them. They combine water heating and space heating in an energy efficient way. Some of these use a type of piping called Kitec, and you should know about the potential defects in this product. Kitec is made from flexible…

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Which heating system is right for me?

Why are natural gas furnaces so popular in the Northwest? Natural gas is a safe and plentiful resource, so the cost to heat your home tends to be significantly lower than propane or oil heat. Gas furnaces can be very energy efficient. Our 95%+ energy efficient Bryant furnaces qualify for a rebate from PSE. Should…

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Weatherize now while the sun is out

Maximize your energy benefits, with minimum work Here are three things you can do to weatherize. There are lots more, but these give you huge benefit for the least amount of work, and money. Insulation. It may not be the most glamorous home project, but one of the best energy savers for the buck is…

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