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The Importance of a New Filter and How to Never Forget to Replace One Again

Automatic Filter Replacement Program With our Automatic Filter Replacement Program, you can set it and forget it. We completely understand that changing out your filters may seem like tedious task that is easy to forget about. However, the importance of a clean filter is critical– it helps your system continue to operate at maximum efficiency,…

Posted in Home improvement

The Power of Investing in a Generator

Why Buy a Generator? Buying a generator secures access to electricity for your home, even in the most dire circumstances. While the benefits of this are obvious, there are some overlooked reasons why buying a generator can support your family. Safety: Electricity powers almost everything that keeps us safe. From home security equipment to appliances…

Posted in Generators, Home improvement

Why Choose Us For Your Gutter Needs?

Why seamless gutters? Raise your hand if you enjoy cleaning your gutters. Anyone? We didn’t think so. Seamless gutters offer a number of advantages. With fasteners and joints only at the corners and downspouts, these gutters keep debris from catching and clogging up your gutters.  Joints and seals are typically where leaks begin. Without these,…

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Why Choose Washington Energy Services For Your Siding Needs?

3D Home Rendering Fitting siding perfectly to each individual home might sound like an enormous task, but that’s the kind of old school mindset we’re trying to bypass. Using 3D rendering technology, we can make an exact model of your home on our computers, and from there, the magic begins. We can show you all…

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Need To Know About Doors

What Kind of Doors We Offer Front Doors: The first point of contact for guests, or the most important line of defense against intruders, is your front door. Your front door is a fundamental piece to the overall integrity of your home. From its style to its materials, our team of Home Project Advisors will…

Posted in Doors

Why a Gas Fireplace Is What Your Home Needs

The Benefits of a Gas Fireplace Quickly Heat Up a Room: First and foremost, a gas fireplace is an excellent heat source and are a great solution for zone heating. This allows you to quickly heat up a certain room in your home, so you don’t have to heat up the entire house while you’re…

Posted in Fireplace, Gas fireplace

Hassle-Free Maintenance From Washington Energy Services

Join our Guardian Maintenance Club Safeguard your home-comfort investment. Get automatic annual tune-ups at discounted membership rates. The HVAC equipment for your home needs to be maintained every year to keep your systems running efficiently and effectively.  Do you have a system that needs maintenance?  Heating & cooling tune-ups Furnaces and air handlers Heat pumps…

Posted in Home improvement, Heating

Ready for Winter? Stay Comfortable in Any Season

For many people, having a functional space heater in the winter, and a functional air conditioner in the summer is an absolute necessity. In the modern world, this kind of control over the conditions in your home is one of the most empowering aspects of modern technology. Having confidence in the warmth or coolness of your living space, at any point of the year, can give you a great deal of peace of mind. Now imagine for a moment, if you could combine the cooling powers of your air conditioner, and the warming powers of your space heater, into a single machine. This is no far-off science fiction device; it’s a heat pump. 

Posted in Heating, Ductless heat pump, Heat pump

History of Home Heating

Let’s take a closer look at the history of home heating systems, to get a better idea of how people have been warming their homes since the first cities. 2500 BCE – 1400 AD: Ancient Furnaces ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ How does this relate to ancient home heating technology? One word: fireplaces….

Posted in Ductless heat pump, Furnace, Heat pump, Heating, Air conditioning

The Science Behind Energy Efficient Windows

IGU’s have made two major technological improvements.  The first is a microscopically thin, low emissivity layer in the window which is commonly known as Low-E.  This clear coating—Low-E—is specifically engineered to block heat. When the sun’s UV rays enter a home, the Low-E clear coating optimizes light transmission and keeps the heat discomfort of UV…

Posted in Home improvement, Windows, Tips to save money

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