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Reasons to upgrade your Seattle home to cellulose insulation

Lindsay Paramore | 06/01/2016 | Posted in Home energy audit, Insulation

Insulation plays a vital role in several key characteristics of your home, including its comfort and its energy efficiency.


Whether your home has insufficient insulation or your current insulation has experienced damage due to flooding, pests, or other factors, upgrading your insulation can help you save money and enjoy greater comfort and improved soundproofing in every area of your home. Cellulose insulation is an insulation product made from plant fibers; this insulation is blown into place and can be used to insulate new homes, as well as to retrofit older homes for improved performance. There are several excellent reasons to consider upgrading your home’s existing insulation with a cellulose product today.

Cellulose insulation is environmentally friendly.

Because it is made from plant fibers, cellulose insulation is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable product. Cellulose insulation contains as much as 85% recycled paper by volume, drastically reducing the impact of new insulation production on the availability of natural resources. Furthermore, cellulose insulation requires very little energy to produce, while the local production of cellulose products is associated with lower carbon emissions due to transportation requirements. Despite the fact that cellulose is a natural product, it will still protect your home from smoke and fire if a disaster occurs. Cellulose insulation products are treated for a Class 1 or Class A fire rating, meaning they will not catch fire or spread flames quickly, nor will they produce excessive smoke when heated or during combustion.

Cellulose insulation is energy efficient.

The R-value of your insulation has a significant impact on its performance; the higher your insulation’s R-value, the more effectively it will prevent the transfer of heat or cold through your walls. Dense-packed cellulose insulation has an average R-value of 4.0, which is the highest R-value per inch of any blown-in insulation product; this R-value is also higher than many other insulation options, including fiberglass insulation. The high R-value offered by cellulose insulation means that if you’re planning to upgrade your home’s insulation by choosing a blown-in product to supplement your existing insulation, cellulose is the best insulation for the money you’ll spend on this project.

Cellulose insulation won’t appeal to rodents.

Many home insulation products are laid in bats, which are like solid blankets that hold their shape, even when damaged or removed from your walls. These products leave your home vulnerable to pests, such as mice and rats, which like to burrow into the insulation to create safe, comfortable nests in the hollows left behind. However, because cellulose insulation is made up of small particles that are blown into your walls, it will not hold its shape when disturbed. This property makes it extremely unattractive to rodents, which will not find a place to nest in your home and instead move on, reducing your risk of a rodent infestation.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of upgrading your home’s insulation to a cellulose-based product? Not only will you receive better performance from your insulation, you could quality for a local utility rebate after you’ve made this smart home upgrade. Check out cellulose insulation and other types of home insulation from Washington Energy Services online.

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