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How To Get A Utility Rebate for Saving Energy

Danielle Onat | 03/16/2018 | Posted in Windows, Heating, Cooling, Air conditioning, Home energy audit, Tips to save money

How to get a utility rebate for saving energy –
Amazingly, the government and utilities want to pay us to increase our energy efficiency and lower our bills. There are significant incentives to help us prioritize efficiency; from a few dollars on light bulbs to $1500 on heating systems. Here’s what you need to know:

Why Are There Utility Rebates?

Our state has set efficiency and conservation requirements for our utilities to hit. “The total amount of savings regulated utilities expected to save in 2017 was roughly equivalent to the amount of electricity it would take to power over 38,000 homes, and the amount of natural gas it would take to supply approximately 7,000 homes,” (Source WA Utilities and Transportation Committee; 2018 goals not posted). In fact, Washington State is a leader in energy efficiency, and has consistently ranked in the top ten on the national American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard since 2007.

Homeowners get to benefit as the utilities pass along a portion of the energy savings to us in the form of rebates. The primary utilities in Western Washington are Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, and Snohomish PUD, but all of our local power companies have some rebates.

What Energy Upgrades Qualify For Utility Rebates?

Even save money with utility rebates on smaller items like light bulbs.

There are many product categories that have utility rebates available, and each utility has slightly different offers. The primary emphasis is on saving electricity. Additional goals include efficient use of natural gas or water through high efficiency equipment.

While the majority of Washington’s electricity is from clean hydroelectric sources, our state wants to conserve its use so that we can grow without burning more coal or adding more power plants, (plus let’s be real, they sell some to other states). Electricity savings come from, for example, installation of solar panels or efficient heat pumps, conversion from electric heating to natural gas, and LED light bulbs.

Alongside direct energy savings from appliances is a goal of improved home performance, meaning roughly that our homes are sealed and insulated to retain the heating and cooling we put into them. That’s where windows and insulation earn their rebates.

Instant and Turn-key Rebate Options

For heating, air conditioning, gas fireplaces, insulation, windows, and boilers, the utility’s approved contractors, (including Washington energy services), provide qualified systems and trained installation. As a partner with the major utilities, we handle all aspects of the rebate process for our customers; providing qualified products, filling out paperwork accurately and submitting it to the utility. In most cases we can take the rebate amount right off of the invoice, so there is no waiting for a check to come.

Other types of rebates available:

For light bulbs and smaller items, rebates are available on the electric utility’s website. For low flow toilets, which have rebates up to $100, rebates can be found here for Seattle.  For solar or wind rebates and federal tax credits, visit the Washington State new solar incentives page and be sure to review qualified products with your contractor.

For more information or to schedule your rebate qualified upgrade, contact Washington Energy Services.

7 Responses to “How To Get A Utility Rebate for Saving Energy”

  • Patricia March

    Today I’m replacing my house’s original heating system, and AC, with a heat pump. Any chance this qualifies for a rebate? I’m in Kitsap County.
    Thank you

  • Sandy moore

    Any rebates for 60-65 ga. electric water heater? Abt how much would it cost to remove old and install a new using existing hardware?

    • Kelly Cranick

      Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for your question. Our water heater specialist, Kelly, will give you a call to assist in answering your questions. Also you are welcome to call us at 800-398-4663 and any one of our customer care representatives will be happy to help.

  • Midge Harrison

    I think all Utility companies should offer rebates on hot water heaters. I’m buying a heat pump hot water heater and I get no kind of rebate for it and it’s energy efficient

  • Shelby Cooper

    Are there any rebates offered for businesses for glass refrigerator doors?


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