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Controlling airborne pathogens starts in the home

Danielle Onat | 03/10/2020 | Posted in Seattle, Indoor Air Quality

You can’t see particles in the air like viruses, mold, pollen, and harmful VOCs. Most indoor air purification systems attempt to clean the air by using air currents to sift and trap particles, but that process doesn't work for microscopic particles, which leaves harmful organisms behind in the air.

According to the EPA and the American Lung Association, indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air1. That’s because every home generates and traps millions of potentially harmful airborne particles, pathogens and gases that are constantly breathed and absorbed by everyone in the home. Even as air moves through your heating and cooling system, these potentially harmful particles including mold spores, bacteria, viruses, pollen, smoke and even airborne dust are NOT transported to the filters in your system. Standard filters are not active and cannot kill pathogens thereby allowing the continued breeding and potential release of these potentially harmful organisms into your home.

While portable air cleaners can provide a certain level of effectiveness in individual rooms, there’s a new IAQ product that offers state of the art technology, it’s called: SecureAire. SecureAire, which is installed directly into your central heating and cooling system, has the ability to trap hazardous indoor air pollutants from every room in your home.  Its Active Particle Control Technology has been proven in hospitals and LEED certified commercial buildings to exceed passive filtration strategies. One such hospital is the Lake Tahoe Surgery Center.

The PACT system was installed into an existing 18,000 CFM Air Handler. In addition to the installation of the PACT System, Electronic filters complete with Ultra Violet Lights (UV) were installed in the pre-filter location. The existing 95% final filters were left in their original AHU position. It is important to note, that the system was monitored by the facilities department prior to the PACT system installation and quarterly since the original installation.

Dr. Randy Watson, MD., of the Lake Tahoe Surgery Center, provided some further insight into the operation of the new air purification Technology, stating, “Since that time, I know down to the smallest decimal point what our infection rate is, zero! We have had no infections of any type since implementing your system.”

An incredible example of SecureAire’s power brings us to the vacation hot spot, Las Vegas. Many guests staying on the Vegas strip complain that the hotels are overrun by odors, especially the smell of smoke. The Las Vegas Renaissance Hotel is almost exclusively a non-smoking hotel, with the third floor set aside for smoking rooms. The hotel’s management wanted to explore the possibility of transitioning the smoking rooms into non-smoking rooms during peak times to accommodate as many guests as possible. This would require more than fresh linens and air freshener as the smoke smell was embedded into the furniture, walls, and carpet of the smoking rooms.

The Las Vegas Renaissance hotel also turned to SecureAire to demonstrate its ability to detect and reduce air contaminants, including tobacco smoke. To test the effectiveness of the SecureAire air purification system an air quality monitor called AQM-100 was used, which identifies potential indoor air contaminants in real time, one minute intervals. Also the hotel’s housekeeping manager, director of HR, director of marketing, and the HVAC engineer served as judges to determine if they could still smell smoke in the rooms. After 26 minutes of employing the SecureAire’s Particle Accelerated Collision Technology (PACT) none of the hotel employees could detect any smoke smell and the AQM- 100 displayed particle count reductions of 74%. With SecureAire’s PACT technology, the smoking rooms were deemed clean enough for non-smokers.

Along with cleaning the air, SecureAire’s Whole Home Systems can save you money by keeping your heating and cooling equipment clean, maintaining maximum efficiency and thereby extending service life. SecureAire is backed by a 5-year product warranty and a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Learn more about the SecureAire Air Purification System >>


Indoor Air Quality

1United States Environmental Protection Agency, Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

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