Dryer Vent Cleaning


Getting your dryer vent cleaned may be one of those household tasks that often gets overlooked. It’s easy to let this task fall to the bottom of the to-do list, but this is definitely something that’s important to keep a close eye on. This is a crucial piece to ensuring your dryer continues to operate normally and to prevent house fires. Dryers produce highly flammable lint and failing to regularly clean the lint out of your system is one of the leading causes of dryer fires.

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How often should I get my dryer vent cleaned?

We recommend that you get your dryer vents inspected and cleaned at least once a year. This can also depend on how often your household uses the dryer. If you have a larger number of people in your household and your dryer is used more frequently, you may want to have your dryer vent cleaned every six months.

Signs it’s time to have your dryer vent cleaned

Even if  it’s not time for your annual maintenance check, we recommend you keep an eye on the following signs that may indicate your dryer vent needs cleaning.

  • Clothing takes longer to dry– running the dryer 2-3 times before your clothes are completely dry
  • Clothes come out extremely hot
  • The dryer itself gets hot to the touch during the dryer cycle
  • Strange smell coming from the dryer when it’s running, including a burning or musty smell

Safety Precaution

A clean dryer vent will also give you peace of mind that your family and your home is safe from dryer fires and other safety hazards when your dryer is running.

Prolongs Equipment Lifespan

An annual professional dryer vent cleaning is one of the best things you can do to keep your dryer operating like new. Keeping up on maintenance will keep your dryer working as efficiently as it did when you first purchased it.

Saves Energy & Money

With a clean dryer vent, this will help your machine operate more efficiently. Instead of having to dry your clothes 2-3 times just to get them dry.

Filter Cleaning

As many people know, you should always clean your dryer’s filter after each use. This is “good housekeeping” and will help with your dyer’s overall efficiency and will promote air flow.

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