Lutron Honeycomb Window Shades

Sivoia QS Triathlon insulating honeycomb smart shades offer incredible value at an affordable price, backed by the quality of the Lutron brand. Cord-free remote-controlled operation makes this a safe solution for homes with young children. Featuring patent-pending Triathlon power technology that provides a 3-5 year battery life, you will enjoy years of constant operation without worrying about battery replacement.

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Save Energy

Innovative air pockets trap heat to provide superior insulation for enhanced energy efficiency

Enhance Your Décor

Distinguished honeycomb design, offered in a wide range of styles, give your room a crisp, clean look that is sure to enhance any décor.

Cord-free operation makes this a safe solution for homes with young children.


Easily Install and Maintain

✔  Unique patent-pending battery technology ensures long battery life for hassle-free maintenance
✔  Exclusive Tap ‘n Tilt technology makes changing the batteries a breeze
✔  Simply press the release buttons located above the shade headrail
✔  The headrail will tilt forward, exposing the battery trays inside of it
✔   Dust resistant fabric reduces cleaning

Light Filtering & Darkening Options

Lutron insulating honeycomb shades Light-Filtering Single Cell

Light Filtering – Single Cell

  • Transform harsh daylight into a soft, filtered glow
  • Provide varying levels of privacy from the outside
  • Save energy with insulating fabric and design



Lutron insulating honeycomb shades Light-Filtering Double Cell

Light Filtering – Double Cell

  • Allow some light to filter into the space
  • Save even more energy with double-cell insulating design



blackout shades window room darkening insulating honeycomb shadesRoom Darkening – Single Cell

  • Block light from entering into a space
  • Create complete privacy from the outside
  • Save the most energy due to aluminum lining


A single press of a button from a remote control can set multiple shades in motion, making it convenient to open and close hard-to-reach window treatments, all while reducing glare and increasing privacy

Make it your own

Choose your shade style then choose your color. Shades are available in different light transmittance options, as well as a variety of colors.

Ask your Home Project Advisor for a full color palette.


  • What is a Sivoia QS Triathlon battery-powered shade?

    Sivoia QS Triathlon shades can be integrated into a whole home automation system such as RadioRA®
    2, GRAFIK Eye® QS, or HomeWorks® QS. (We can also integrate these shades with HomeWorks®
    Illumination using RadioRA 2 software. An app note is available to provide instructions on interfacing these
    shading solutions with HomeWorks Illumination.) When integrating Sivoia QS Triathlon shades into
    a RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system you can:
    • Create preset scenes that allow you to control shades, as well as adjust the temperature
    and lights and turn on/off standby power to small appliances at the touch of a button
    • Have a variety of control options, including Pico® wireless controls, GRAFIK Eye QS,
    seeTouch® keypads, timeclock events, and mobile devices, such as your iPad®, iPhone®,
    iPod touch®, and AndroidTM*
    • Integrate your shades with a 3rd-party control system, such as a touchscreen or universal remote

  • Is the shade’s motor loud?

    Not at all. If you’re standing 3 feet away from a moving Sivoia QS Triathlon shade, you won’t hear much
    of anything. At a sound level of less than 44dBA (decibels) for honeycomb shades and 38dBA for roller
    shades, this is roughly the same level of sound as you would find in a quiet room or library and is quieter
    than most refrigerators.

  • I have two (or more) shades next to each other. Will they move at the same speed?

    Yes. Our digital control circuitry makes sure that your shades move at the same speed. In fact, this circuitry
    can even compensate for battery voltage. If you have one shade (with brand new batteries) right next to
    other shades (with old batteries), they will still move at the same speed.

  • How do Sivoia QS Triathlon shades save energy?

    Shades save energy by:
    • reducing heating and cooling costs. Lowering shades in the summer prevents the sun’s harsh rays from
    heating up a room (and causing an air conditioner to work overtime), while raising them in the winter
    captures heat from those rays.
    • providing insulation. Sivoia QS Triathlon honeycomb shades have air pockets built into their fabric that
    provides insulation. These air pockets help keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in
    the winter.

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