Bryant Evolution Multi-Zone Ductless Heat Pump

The Bryant Multi-Zone Ductless System, part of the Evolution® System, can provide comfort to a single large room, or throughout your home. Bryant’s premium ductless offering, it provides the flexibility of connecting up to 9 indoor units. From the hot summer days, to frigid winter nights (down to -4°F), this system can keep you and your family comfortable.

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Major efficiency and energy savings

With up to 22 SEER cooling efficiency and up to 10.2 HSPF heating efficiency, you’re buying one of the most energy efficient home comfort systems available on the market today.

Easy to operate and maintain

Start and operate your unit with the on-board controls, the included remote control, or use your smartphone! Filters are washable and reusable. Sound as low as 22 dB indoors, 56dB outdoor.

Quiet and variable operation

Each unit features up to 7 fan speeds, plus airflow can be fixed or oscillating moving air throughout the room with ease. If the power goes out, the system will auto restart.

Wide operation temperature range

Whether exterior temperatures drop or soar, your Bryant heat pump is ready to go to work. Cooling range operates anywhere from 0° F up to 119° F, while the heating range operates from -4° F up to 75° F.

10-year limited warranty

10-year parts limited and 10-year compressor limited warranties to the original purchasing owner upon timely registration.


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  • How do I know if I need a multi-split or a single heat pump?

    A multi-split means an additional indoor unit or units that are placed in different rooms to ensure the whole area you wish to heat and cool is covered. One outdoor unit (one unit) can handle many indoor units. That’s why they call it a multi-split, because that outdoor unit can be split into several lines for different indoor units.

    Typically one single head can work well in a single large room or area up to 800-1000 sq ft., so if you have a large living space and then hallways to bedrooms or a second floor, you may need a second indoor unit for those adjacent areas. Larger single family homes may need up to 4 indoor units for complete heating.

  • What applications will work for ductless heat pumps?

    Homes heated with electric heat – Ductless heat pumps are an excellent replacement for any home heating with electric baseboard, wall or ceiling units, wood stoves and other space heaters, such as propane.

    Remodels and Room Additions – A ductless heat and cooling system is perfect for home additions, remodeling project and garage conversions. There is no need for duct work and the single zone units are easily installed.

    Heat that one cold room – Many older Seattle homes have insufficient ducting or had previous remodels with no ducts in one area. A single zone ductless heat pump will save the cost of adding expensive ducting to new parts of your home.

  • How does a heat pump work?

    A heat pump transfers heat using refrigerant expansion and compression within a cycle. Basically, it takes heat out of the outside air and transfers it indoors to heat. To cool, it takes warm air inside and transfers that heat outdoors. The same system provides both heating and air conditioning.

    While traditional heat pumps require a backup heating system when its freezing, ductless heat pumps can still create comfortable heat at -4℉. That’s why ductless heat pumps are so popular in cold climates such as northern Europe. You can use 100% ductless heat, or use a ductless heat pump in one area to supplement existing heating or cooling and increase your comfort. Ductless heat pumps are also perfect for older Puget Sound area homes with additions or limited ducting.

  • Why do they call it a ductless system?

    A ductless split system or ductless heat pump system is “ductless” because it does not use ducts within the house to heat or cool the home. A ducted system has a string of ducts inside the walls bringing forced air throughout your home. The ductless system has indoor registers mounted in main living areas that heat and cool. The reason it’s often called a “split” system is because there are two components: the outdoor heat pump unit and the indoor register.

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Product testimonials

We had a ductless heat pump installed by Washington Energy. What an amazing machine! My electric bill has been cut in half and it provides heat and air conditioning! We couldn't be happier with the installation and service!”
Becky Estrada
Roy, WA
They did a great job installing our new ductless heat pump. Condo installs can be a challenge but their technicians did a great job. VERY happy with the result.”
Tracy Williams
Kirkland, WA

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