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HVAC permitting

HVAC Permitting for heat pump and air conditioning installation – code and safety precautions

When it comes to home comfort, perhaps no system is more important than your HVAC system. If you are planning to install a new furnace, heat pump, boiler, or other heating and cooling system, there’s more to consider than just the manufacturer and model. Your installer’s understanding and adherence to code and permitting requirements is crucial. Here are a few facts, tips and red flags to keep in mind when getting the perfect HVAC system (and the right installer) for your home.

Why do I need a permit?

HVAC installation is a major project, and therefore, calls for a professional to do the work. A permit is required by law to replace your system—even if it is installed in the same location and/or is the same model. There are three key reasons a permit isn’t just required—it’s smart.

A permit provides confirmation that your installer is licensed and ready to take on the project.

A permit offers peace of mind that the location, wiring, installation, and the HVAC system itself are safe.

A permit is documentation should an accident occur. If your installer doesn’t obtain the proper permit and the unit is improperly installed, your homeowners insurance may not cover the cost of damages or replacement.

Who should pull the permit?

While a homeowner can technically pull a permit, we don’t recommend it. Any reputable HVAC installer, such as Washington Energy Services, will provide this service. Our skilled technicians know exactly how and when to pull a permit, and will make sure that it’s the right one for your unique system and home. If an installer tells you to pull the permit yourself, be wary.

What if my installer doesn’t want to pull a permit for this project?

The permit puller also takes responsibility for the installation of the unit. If your installer is unwilling to pull a permit for the project, this is a red flag that he or she wants to cut corners—or worse—isn’t willing to stand behind their work.

Permits add an additional layer of protection and assurance that your system is installed correctly and will operate safely. Our installation experts pull permits for all heating and cooling system installations. It’s just part of our promise of excellence and comfort.

Trust our experts

No matter what county you live in, our professional installers and permitting staff will make sure your project goes without a hitch. We explain every step of the process to you and make sure you get the equipment you want when you want it.

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