A Boiler is a Great Alternative to a Traditional Furnace

Radiant Heating and Endless Hot Water in One

Energy Efficient Boilers are back in style, and we carry several brands and models of boilers, for residential and commercial use, including Navien combi boilers.

To those unfamiliar with this heating option, a boiler operates by heating water to a preset temperature and circulating that fluid throughout the home. This type of heating is most commonly found in northern Europe but is becoming more popular by the day in Seattle. The main benefit of boiler heating is they are incredibly efficient with some units achieving 98% efficiency!

The combo-boiler or combi-boiler, gives you on-demand hot water and space heating. This is a tankless water heater that powers both your water heating needs and radiant heating in your home, typically in the floors. Radiant heating systems cover the entire room to evenly heat and it feels great under your feet. Radiant heating can be floor or wall or can in cases power other types of air handling systems. Radiant heating is considered a very green practice, as it is using hot water to provide heat throughout your home. Many people in Seattle prefer this type of heat because you get full coverage of every part of the room, perfect for our wet chilly winters.

The name Combi-boiler means “combination boiler”. They combine the on demand water heating of a tankless water heater with energy efficient radiant home heating for an energy saving combo. These residential combo boilers are up to 95% energy efficient and one system does it all for you.

There are great utility rebates for installing an energy efficient boiler,

Washington Energy will fit a residential boiler to your needs. We carry several makes and models and our home energy specialists are experts in boiler heating.
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