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Frequently Asked Air Conditioning Questions

A heat pump provides air conditioning too?

Yes! Heat pumps take heat from the air during the winter and send it into your house, while when it’s hot, they reverse their process and remove heat from your house. So heat pumps provide not only heat but air conditioning too. Air conditioning Seattle is what we do.

Am I ready for an air conditioner replacement?

Air conditioner replacement timing for Seattle homes today is roughly between 16-20 years. Your old air conditioning system may still be running after this time but not very efficiently and thus using more energy and costing you money. Other common signs indicating a need for air conditioner replacement are strange noises such as popping, banging, rattling or squealing air conditioner noises. Like heating equipment, air conditioning systems benefit from annual maintenance, and clearing of dirt and leaves from the outdoor unit frequently. This is especially true of Seattle air conditioners where usage may only be for a few weeks every year. Maintenance will extend the life of your air conditioner and ensure you are cool when you need to be. 

A ductless heat pump provides air conditioning too?

Ductless heat pumps are a primary heating AND cooling source. They provide super quiet air conditioning and are much more energy efficient than window air conditioners. We specialize in Seattle ductless heating and air conditioning installations.

What is the difference between AFUE & SEER and what do they mean?

AFUE & SEER are used to measure the efficiency of your homes heating or cooling appliances. SEER measures the cooling efficiency in air conditioning equipment, while AFUE is used to measure the heating efficiency.

Which one is better, an Air Conditioner or Heat Pump?

There are many reasons you might choose an A/C system vs a Heat Pump in Seattle, and it is particular to your home and your needs. Washington Energy Services sells, installs and services energy efficient air conditioning systems and heat pumps, so we can help you select the one that fits your particular situation. One consideration might be that when you already have a very high efficiency gas furnace, the energy savings you would get from adding a heat pump will not be as great as going from another heating option. Therefore the lower cost addition of just the air conditioner in that case may suit you best. But there are many other factors to consider, which is why our home energy specialist will come to your house, do proper measurement and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We have been around since 1957 giving us over 55 years of experience in the industry. Heating and air conditioning Seattle is what we do best.
So, put our experienced professionals to work for you. Call 800-398-4663 or complete our FREE Estimate Form.

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