Rheem Gas Water Heater Direct Vent/Power Vent

Rheem direct vent gas water heaters and power vent water heaters use outside air for combustion, offer longer venting options and energy efficiency.

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Top choice for energy efficient water heating

40 gallon and 50 gallon tanks available, both short and tall. 6 Year limited warranty with optional 10 Year extended warranty available. Environmentally friendly; meets NOx requirements for low emissions. .58 – .67 EF

Dependable, versatile, high performance direct vent water heating

Adjustable coaxial vent allows flexibility of installation, can swivel 360 degrees and uses outside air for combustion and requires no electrical power. Well insulated for reduced stand-by heat loss performance. Aluminum vent and cap base to prevent staining of building exterior. Longer venting for flexibility in installation. Now up to four feet above the water heater and four feet from an outside wall. Vertical options available.

Maintenance free tank with long lifespan with added safety features

Guardian System™ & sensor keeps you safe by preventing vapors from accidental ignition. Exclusive air/fuel shut-off device. No filters to clean, the Rheem EverKleen system fights sediment build up. Patented magnesium anode rod with resistor protects the tank from rust.


  • What should I expect leading up to the Rheem Fury direct vent water heater replacement?

    The complete quote

    Our Customer Care representatives will work with you to answer a few simple questions about your existing water heater and provide a Complete Quote including installation, gas piping, venting and other costs. This will provide you with the full price of the water heater, installed. We will provide this quote in writing via email.

    The installation day

    Water heaters can often be scheduled for same day installation. To protect your home, we take the time to protect the surrounding work area. We clean up after we install your water heater. Lastly, we inspect the new equipment with you and review proper maintenance procedures and warranty information.

  • What is a direct vent water heater and how do I know if I need one?

    The direct vent gas water heater looks like it has a pipe sticking out of its head. It is a gas water heater that has a venting pipe that goes right from the water heater out the side of the building or in some cases, up a chimney to a roof vent. So it “directly” vents right out of the house.

    With its closed and tightly sealed exhaust system, the Rheem direct vent water heater sends one pipe through the wall outside to both draw in air for gas combustion and expel toxic exhaust. Combustion, in a water heater, is the burning of natural gas to heat water.

    A gas water heater needs plenty of air for this combustion, and using air from the outside is energy efficient. The alternative would be for the water heater to draw air from inside the house, electricity, and/or gas to heat or cool. With the direct vent, you avoid this added fuel use and cost so your furnace or air handler doesn’t have to work as hard.

    Usually, if you have a direct vent already installed, you will need to replace it with the same type of water heater. However if you are just getting gas to your home, our water heater specialists can work with you to determine which type of gas water heater is needed for your location and gas line size.

  • What is a power vent gas water heater?

    The Rheem power vent water heater is most often used in situations where a direct vent needs a longer distance to vent. That happens, for example, if the water heater is in the interior of the house, nowhere near an exterior wall, perhaps in a closet. Then you will need the power vent water heater. It has a powerful blower fan that can push the harmful exhaust gases out of the house through its vent. This can work at long distances of up to 100 feet, hence the name “power vent”.

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