Plumbing Inspection


Whether you have a condo, townhouse, apartment or single family home, everyone has plumbing. The components of your plumbing system, like the parts of your car, can and will fail over time. A plumbing inspection including water heater inspection can help you avoid potential flooding and other issues before they strike.

Buying a home?

While most people hire an inspector to review homes during the buying process, older homes can benefit from having the plumbing inspected by a plumber. Before you negotiate your final price, you should know all about the plumbing in your new home. Hiring a plumber to do a separate inspection at a deeper level is a wise investment.

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seattle wa Plumbing Inspection

Multi-point inspection includes:

Water heater

Checked for age, code violations, and any sign of leaking.


Checked for any signs of leaking, all emergency shut-offs, water lines connecting to dish washer, faucet and ice maker, exposed drain line, garbage disposal and faucet function.


Toilet inspection and leak detection test, check for rimflush, test shower valve and tub drain, sink leakage and drain check.


Laundry hoses and connections checked for leaks.

Water meter

Water meter check to ensure it isn’t freely spinning.


Ensure PSI isn’t over 80lbs, visually inspect outside hose bibs and visually inspect gutters.

Final report includes:


Written checklist reporting on the health of home plumbing systems.


Note plumbing items that are in good condition.


We provide recommendations for improvements to get the most out of your plumbing system.

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