Fireplace Insert Tune-Up


Your gas fireplace will last longer and will continue to be energy efficient when you schedule regular annual maintenance. Keeping it maintained will prolong its life and preserve your investment. Our NATE Certified technicians are all our own employees, so no need to deal with subcontractors. Our team is full of HVAC professional that have been through extensive training and have years of experience.

Tune-ups are available for Archgard, Heat&Glo and Washington Energy installed gas fireplaces.

Save money and time by joining our Guardian Maintenance Club. See club information for discount details.

** Unable to service condos or multi-family homes at this time.

Seattle gas fireplace insert

Easy scheduling

1. Purchase online

Let’s face it, we know you have a lot going on and scheduling a gas fireplace repair probably isn’t high on your to-so list. Well, that’s why Washington Energy Services makes scheduling easy on homeowners. Simply add the item to your cart and purchase through our safe and secure site. We service Archgard, Heat & Glo fireplaces or Washington Energy installed fireplaces only.

2. We’ll call you to schedule a service date

We find a time to come out that’s most convenient for you.

Included in gas fireplace tune-up

13-point gas fireplace inspect and clean

Your gas fireplace inspection includes a thorough list of tasks including cleaning the pilot, controls, blower, shutter, gas logs, cabinet and fireplace glass. In addition to a full inspection and detailed check-up on all electrical and gas components.

  • Inspect and clean pilot assembly
  • Check and adjust pilot flame
  • Check millivolt level on thermopile and thermocouple
  • Check ignition system
  • Inspect and clean control section
  • Clean and inspect blower
  • Add embers as needed
  • Check gas pressure WC at inlet and outlet
  • Check for carbon monoxide and gas leaks in fireplace area
  • Inspect and clean air shutter
  • Remove and clean safety glass
  • Clean fireplace cabinet
  • Check thermostat for proper set up and operation

Written checklist

Upon completion of the gas fireplace tune-up or repair service, we will show you and discuss the tasks performed on your gas fireplace and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Join the Guardian Maintenance Club

The equipment in your home needs to be maintained every year to keep your systems running efficiently and effectively. When you join the Guardian Maintenance Club, you save money on annual tune-ups and gain an ongoing discount you can use throughout the year.

Take care of your systems and keep them performing for years to come. Available for heatingair conditioningtankless water heatersgenerators and new fireplaces.

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Fireplace Tune-up FAQs

  • Do gas fireplaces need a tune up?

    The answer is… Yes! A gas fireplace service is an essential part of maintaining your unit. This is extremely important because it keeps your system running efficiently and effectively. Additionally, it keeps your gas fireplace clean and performing exactly the way you need it to.

  • What are the benefits of having a gas fireplace tuned up?

    A gas fireplace insert has many benefits and can really enhance any room. Gas fireplaces are perfect for zoning and allows for you to heat a certain room without warming the whole house. This is a great way to save money on energy bills.

  • How often does a gas fireplace need to be serviced?

    We recommend getting gas fireplace maintenance every year. This is really the absolute best way to preserve your fireplace and keep it running efficiently.

  • What are the signs that a gas fireplace needs a tune up?

    If your gas fireplace is routinely serviced every year, then you can expect your system to last a long time. However, some signs indicating that your gas fireplace needs a tune-up are, soot build-up, strange sounds, natural gas smell or your pilot light won’t turn on.

  • How much does a gas fireplace tune up cost?

    Our skilled service technicians will keep your gas fireplace running in tip-top shape. We offer tune-ups for $209 for Archgard, Heat& Glo and Washington Energy installed fireplaces.

  • Can I tune up a gas fireplace myself?

    We’d never recommend that you try to tune-up your gas fireplace on your own, as this can be a safety hazard. Always contact an HVAC professional to perform a tune up on your gas fireplace.