Ductless System Tune-up


Maintain indoor and outdoor equipment to ensure optimal performance

Our NATE certified, factory trained employees deliver expert ductless systems maintenance services in thousands of homes each year, and would be proud to work in yours.

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Included in tune-up

Your ductless system inspection includes:

Our inspection is a comprehensive look at your system. We’ll check:

  • Tighten electrical connections, check line and control voltage
  • Inspect disconnect, condition of outdoor coil, condition of indoor coil
  • Check airflow CFM
  • Inspect/clean condensate drain system, treat condensate collection tray, inspect condensate pump
  • Take outdoor fan amp draw
  • Inspect contactor, relay, herm capacitor, fan capacitor, start capacitor
  • Record indoor dry bulb temp record indoor wet bulb temp
  • Measure suction pressure & temp
  • Take applicable superheat/subcool reading
  • Verify crankcase heater installed
  • Record delta T
  • Straighten coil fins as needed
  • Visually inspect for refrigerant leaks
  • Separate any copper tubing to prevent rubbing
  • Cycle system thru forced defrost
  • Check aux/emergency backup heat
  • Confirm operation of reversing valve
  • Clean outdoor cabinet and secure all panels
  • Verify lockout temp for compressor and for auxiliary heat

Gas leak and carbon monoxide check

Keep your system and your home safe.

Written checklist