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tacoma wa toilet installation

Toilet Installation

We sell and install a number of popular toilet models. Our plumbers are experts and can help you choose the perfect throne.

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seattle bronze faucet installation service

Faucet Installation

We sell many popular styles of faucet and with our friendly, professional installation you can rest assured your faucet installation will go quickly and smoothly.

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renton wa plumbing repiping

Home Re-piping

Older homes constructed prior to 1970 are likely to have some galvanized steel water pipes in them. These pipes corrode and minerals will build up and rust. It may be time to consider a re-pipe.

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seattle area Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

If you looking for professional drain cleaning that won’t flush your wallet down the drain, we can help!

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seattle wa Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Inspection

Residential home plumbing inspections prevent disasters in plumbing and water heating systems before they strike.

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seattle wa Plumbing Inspection

Start with a plumbing inspection

Whether you have a condo, townhouse, apartment or single family home, everyone has plumbing. The components of your plumbing system, like the parts of your car, can and will fail over time. A plumbing inspection including water heater and sewer line inspection can help you avoid potential flooding and other issues before they strike.

If you’re a homebuyer, before you negotiate your final price, you should know all about the plumbing in your new home. Most general inspectors may not see the bigger more important issues with the house a full plumbing inspection provides.

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