HTP Phoenix Light Duty Rapid Recovery Gas Water Heater

The stylish Phoenix Light Duty is constructed using the highest quality 316L stainless steel materials for a robust, long lasting tank that is perfect for light duty commercial applications. Extremely efficient, the Phoenix LD is a condensing gas water heater that operates at 97% thermal efficiency and is extremely versatile that’s been tested in commercial use and can stand up to the needs of a busy household, or light commercial setting. Combine it with an air handler for great performance in your hydronic system.

The impressive stainless steel finish, easy to program and understand LCD display and extreme cost savings makes the Phoenix LD the appliance you’ll want to brag about.

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Energy Efficient

On par with the most efficient tankless water heaters, and well above standard gas tank water heaters. Unlike a standard tank water heater where the pilot light is always on and using fuel, the Phoenix does not have a standing pilot light. The only time it is using fuel is when there is a call for heat from the thermostat. The thermostat keeps hot water in the tank while minimizing fuel used.

  • 50, 60 & 80 Gallon Capacity
  • .90-87 UEF
  • Up to 25,000 – 76,000 BTU/h
  • FHR: 154-206
  • Recovery: 98 GPH at a 90°F rise, 94-97%
  • Natural Gas

Easily Replaces Existing Gas Water Heater

Ideal for those who can’t increase gas meter output or gas line size to accommodate a higher BTU tankless. Uses standard 1/2″ gas line, just like a regular gas tank water heater.

Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless steel tank with no anode rods provides for a longer life, less corrosion risk and an attractive look.

Compact Size

Saves space vs 2 larger tanks. One Phoenix LD can replace the delivery of two 65 or 75 gallon tanks easily.

Hydronic System Compatible

Works well in situations such as condos, when a tankless or combi-boiler may not be an option.

Superior Water Delivery

High capacity of hot water with fast recovery rate exceeds standard tank water heaters. Built to deliver more water to more appliances at the same time. Compare first hour rating; the amount of hot water your tank can make in one hour of use. The 50 gallon Phoenix LD provides 133 gallons vs standard 50 gallon gas water heater average of 70-80 gallons.

Twice the Recovery 

Patent pending combustion system modulates from 25,000 BTU’s up to 76,000 BTU’s giving you twice the recovery rate of a standard 40,000 BTU water heater. Compare the Phoenix Light Duty recovery rate of 98 GPH (gallons per hour) at 90F rise to the 25-40 recovery rate of a standard tank. And that means less waiting for hot water for you and your family. While this product can’t match a tankless for endless hot water, it gets pretty close to it.

Combination Rebates Available

Save with exclusive rebates offered only through Washington Energy Services!

Get a $500 Rebate when you combine your water heater with another HVAC installation. Ask your Home Project Advisor for more details.

Residential Warranty

10 year parts if registered online and 7 year if not registered.

What to Consider When Selecting a Tank Water Heater

  • Tank Size and Needs

    Sizing helps match the capacity of the hot water source to the needs of the homeowner. For tank water heaters, the key criterion is hot water storage capacity which is measured by First Hour Rating (FHR), as well as, number of users, bathroom and major appliance types, and usage style.

    Establishing peak demand is measured in Gallons Per Hour (GPH). A tank water heater is chosen based on the GPH evaluation to meet the demand of the household.

  • Fuel Types

    Choosing which fuel type depends largely on where you live. If you have access to natural gas, it can be a very fuel efficient way to go. If you live in outlying areas where natural gas isn’t available, then your home would be set up with an electric or propane tank water heater.

  • Venting Types

    There are a number of different types of vents which can be used with a tank water heater. Ensuring the right type of vent is installed for the type of water heater you are fitting is important. Types of vents include atmospheric vents, direct vents, power vents, and direct power vents.

  • Energy Efficiency & Utility Bill Savings

    Water heaters are the second highest source of energy usage in the home. ENERGY STAR® certified water heaters are an easy choice for energy savings, performance, and reliability. They use less energy than standard models, saving homeowners money on their utility bills while helping protect the climate. Performance is measured by meeting the Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) criteria. 

  • Benefits of Anode Rods & Mixing Valves

    The Anode Rod helps prevent corrosion inside the water tank. Anode rods will last four to six years before needing replacement. A Mixing Valve’s purpose is to ensure comfortable water temperatures. If you install a mixing valve and slightly increase the target temperature on the hot water tank, you can increase the capacity of your tank up to 50%.

  • Water Heater Warranties

    A great warranty lets you enjoy your HVAC equipment with confidence. RUUD®, Rheem®, and HTP® build trusted reliability into every product, providing additional peace of mind with water heater warranty protection. Hot water tank warranties range from 6 years to lifetime limited warranties dependent on size, features and brand.

Energy Rating Terminology

  • FHR — First Hour Rating

    First Hour Rating is the number of gallons of hot water the water heater can supply per hour, starting with a full tank full of hot water.

  • GPH — Gallons Per Minute

    Gallons Per Minute is a measurement to determine the amount of water a tank water heater is capable of heating at any given time.

  • UEF — Uniform Energy Factor

    Uniform Energy Factor is a measure of its energy efficiency, with higher numbers denoting more efficient units.

  • Recovery

    Recovery — A water heater’s recovery time (also called recovery rate) is the amount of hot water in gallons a tank water heater can provide in one hour after being completely drained.

  • BTU/H — British Thermal Units per Hour

    British Thermal Units per Hour measure the required energy to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water from 60 to 61 degrees at one atmospheric pressure.

Vent Terminology

  • Atmospheric Vent

    ATMOSPHERIC VENT — Standard atmospheric venting uses a vertical or upward sloping metal duct to vent exhaust out of the home.

  • Direct Vent

    DIRECT VENT — These types of water heaters bring in air for combustion from outside the home instead of using air from within the home.

  • Power Vent

    POWER VENT — Power vent gas water heaters come with an electric blower fan installed on top of the unit. This requires an electrical outlet near the water heater.

  • Direct Power Vent

    DIRECT POWER VENT — Similar to direct venting, direct power venting uses a blower to pull in air from outside the home directly to the water heater to use for combustion.


  • Why would I want a light duty commercial water heater instead of a regular tank or tankless?

    There are many benefits of using the light duty commercial water heater in a residential setting. One is the power of that water heater to provide a greater amount of hot water with faster recovery than a standard tank. Like a standard tank water heater, the water is hot and waiting for you, which means no delays in getting hot water. And like a tankless, it’s super efficient. The Phoenix is battle tested in commercial applications so it’s a tough product, ready to work hard for you.

  • Why would you recommend the Phoenix LD to multiple tank user households?

    We have seen excellent results from our customers who choose to install a Phoenix LD water heater in place of dual tanks. For example, we recently replaced two 75 gallon tanks that were providing hot water to 4 units with one 60 gallon Phoenix LD. They are happy with their new water source and have lots of extra space freed up to store bicycles in the common area.

  • What makes the Phoenix Light Duty gas water heater “light duty”?

    The Phoenix LD is the residential version of HTP’s popular Phoenix commercial water heater. The Light Duty is a designation it has because it heats at a lower BTU level (76000 btu’s) than a standard commercial grade product. Typically the commercial grade product is defined by over 75k Btu’s or over 100 gallon capacity. The lower btu’s enables it to be strong but qualified for residential needs.

  • What types of properties are the best fit for the Phoenix LD water heater?

    On the residential side, the Phoenix LD is a great fit for single family homes and condos. It’s also perfect for use in light commercial settings such as offices, restaurants, hair salons, shops. Our team can help you find the right fit for your home and provide options across multiple brands to suit your needs and budget.

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