HTP Everlast Electric Water Heater

Finally a Standard Tank Water Heater with a Limited Lifetime Warranty! Get peace of mind when your tank water heater is warrantied for life with the industry’s strongest water heater tank warranty. Stainless steel makes it possible, where other ‘lifetime’ plastic tanks melt and fail. This warranty makes the HTP Everlast an amazing value.

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Enhanced durability

Corrosion resistant, has no anode rod to rust and decay, and no glass lining to break.

Stainless steel + insulation

Heavy duty insulation offers minimal heat loss and lowers standby heat losses. Laser welded, light weight 316L stainless steel tank construction protects against hard water conditions.

Minimize mixing and increase hot water draws

Water connection outlet that directs cold water to the heating element near the bottom to minimize mixing and increase hot water draws.

Saves money

Replace heating element once every 10-12 years (a cost of around $300) vs replacing the whole tank every 8-10 years

The industry’s best lifetime warranty

• Get peace of mind when your tank water heater is warrantied for life with the industry’s strongest water heater tank warranty
• Stainless steel makes this possible, where other ‘lifetime’ plastic tanks melt and fail
• Limited lifetime warranty for the original owner’s lifetime (non transferable), see details under Common Questions tab or refer to pdf below
• Must register for the lifetime warranty online at HTP’s website within 90 days or it defaults to 10 year warranty
• This warranty makes the HTP Everlast an amazing value for the money


  • What do I need to know in order to purchase a water heater over the phone?

    The information that our representatives will ask for includes: the make, model and/or size of the water heater (ex: 40 gallon tank), height, and width.  Also the current tank location, fuel type (propane, natural gas, or electric), and type of venting.

    The best way to prepare for that is to snap a photo or write down the brand name and model information that is on your current water heater and have that available when you call. We can quickly get you a Complete Quote and you’ll be ready to schedule an installation.

  • Is it really a limited lifetime warranty?

    Yes. There is a limited lifetime warranty covering the tank itself, however to get it, you must register the product on the HTP website: within 90 days of installation or it defaults to a 10 year tank warranty.

    Labor is not covered but we charge a flat rate for warranty labor in replacing your tank.

    The warranty requires that you maintain the tank by occasional flushing to remove build up of minerals. If you are uncomfortable doing your own tank flush, plumbers do provide that service. See full warranty details on the Everlast warranty PDF.

  • Why is this Seattle’s best electric water heater?

    Most electric hot water heaters last eight to ten years. The Everlast water heater costs more than a standard tank but will last longer. There is a heating element that will need replacing about once every decade (10 yrs.). That costs about $300, a lot less than replacement cost for a standard tank. If you are 30 years old and a homeowner, you might buy 5-6 tanks before you are 80. That could cost $8000 or more. With this HTP Everlast tank and with good maintenance, you will keep your tank healthy and have the added benefit of not worrying about a failed tank leaking in your home, for life.

  • Who is HTP?

    Since 1974, Massachusetts based HTP has been making advanced water heaters. They are a US company specializing in water heaters and boilers and the Everlast water heater is made in America. Think of them as the quiet techno-geeks of water heating. We have been selling and installing their boilers and commercial water heaters for a long time. Known for high quality, innovative technologies that they battle test in the commercial arena before bringing to the consumer market.

    We love this quote from HTP and we believe you will find their products to be an excellent choice for your home:
    “We don’t make conventional products, so our time and energies are not spread over a broad range of unrelated items. High efficiency is all we do and all we care about.” –Owner, Dave Davis

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