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Which Energy Upgrades Qualify for Utility Rebates?

Danielle Onat | 04/06/2018 | Posted in Heating, Cooling, How to, Tips to save money, Home improvement, Rebates

There are significant incentives provided by our local utilities to help us make saving energy a priority. Many product categories have utility rebates available, and each utility has slightly different offers. The primary emphasis is on saving electricity. Additional goals include efficient use of natural gas or water through high efficiency equipment.

While the majority of Washington’s electricity is from clean hydroelectric sources, our state wants to conserve its use so that we can grow without burning more coal or adding more power plants, (plus let’s be real, they sell some to other states). Electricity savings come from, for example, installation of solar panels or efficient heat pumps, conversion from electric heating to natural gas, and LED light bulbs.

Alongside direct energy savings from appliances is a goal of improved home performance, meaning roughly that our homes are sealed and insulated to retain the heating and cooling we put into them. That’s where windows and insulation earn their rebates.

For more information or to schedule your rebate qualified upgrade, contact Washington Energy Services.


3 Responses to “Which Energy Upgrades Qualify for Utility Rebates?”

  • Cody Rodgers

    Hello, I’m building a house and want to pick out everything that will give me energy rebates. Is there a list or anything you can send me?

  • Cedric Brothern

    Hi I’m interested in replacing my old windows and doors with energy efficient products that may cost little or nothing or that quality for rebates. Who should contact to get this process started?


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