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Ways to love your home

Danielle Onat | 02/13/2017 | Posted in Heating

Valentine’s Day is a time for giving chocolates, smelling the roses, and spending quality time with your sweetheart. As you take stock of all that you love, does your home come to mind? It should!

Your home should be an oasis—a respite from work, traffic, and the general go-go-go outside your front door. If you’re feeling lukewarm towards your home, here are five ways to upgrade and love it once again.

Warm it up, already.

February is a chilly month in the PNW. The persistent rain and cold temperatures are enough to chill you to the bone. Consider investing in new comfort-increasing products to make your home an escape from the relentless cold. You can start with an energy efficient furnace or heat pump to act as your everyday chill fighter. A gas fireplace insert will give ambiance and warmth for guaranteed coziness. A tankless water heater will provide on-demand hot showers for the whole family.

Make sure your home reflects you.

Did you move into a house and simply adopt the past homeowner’s style and vision? Have you outgrown or become tired or your interior décor? Luckily, you can inexpensively and easily upgrade your home to make it feel uniquely yours.

  • Give your rooms a fresh coat of paint
  • Experiment with new metal finishes on lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware, and door knobs
  • Organize your closets and cabinets
  • Donate old or unused home décor items and then replace them with pieces that more accurately reflect your personal style
  • Channel your inner crafter by taking on some DIY décor projects

Boost curb appeal for spring and summer.

Dreary skies, dead plants, soggy siding… winter may not be your home’s most appealing look. But now is a great time to plan and prepare for better (and more aesthetic) times ahead.

Does your home need a fresh coat of paint? Start researching paint colors and painters. Is your siding cracked or rotting? Take advantage of our current siding offer. Want to step up your gardening game? Do research on your current and desired plants and foliage. Then prune, plant, and seed for those that benefit from winter gardening.

With some elbow grease (and a little help from your friends at Washington Energy Services), you can rekindle love for your home this Valentine’s Day.

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