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Top 5 home energy questions of 2012

Washington Energy | 12/11/2012 | Posted in Home energy audit, Heat pump

There are lots of top five or top ten lists at this time of year, and we have one too. The top questions we get asked about home energy. We speak with over 20,000 customers a year, on the phone, in person, at home shows, and during our service calls. Here are the most frequently asked, and answered questions.


    1. What saves the most energy for the least cost?
      Answer: It depends on your house and every one is different. We agreed with the Department of Energy, insulation and sealing are a good place to start in older homes.
    2. What does a tankless water heater cost?
      Answer: They start around $3000 depending on model/features. More expensive than a standard tank, but it lasts 20 years vs 8.
    3. Why would I want a heat pump?
      Answer: A heat pump sources heat from the air – which is a free source of heat. Heating fuel prices continue to rise, so a heat pump is a cost effective system that can pay for itself over time. In addition, now that our summers are getting warmer, the heat pump can cool your house in the summer too.
    4. What is a home energy audit?
      Answer: A home energy audit is a detailed measurement of how your home uses and loses energy. It will pinpoint the leaks, drafts and sources of discomfort. A thorough energy audit is not done by visual inspection alone, but includes use of infra red cameras, blower doors to measure air leakage, and various other testing equipment. Once you know this energy information, you can prioritize home improvement projects to get the most energy savings for your investment.
    5. What home improvement will have the best resale value when I sell my house?
      Answer: Siding. According to many sources, good siding has the highest return on investment. It makes sense. If the siding is worn, torn, or broken off, it not only looks bad, but can be a sign of serious underlying issues like water damage, mold, foundation issues, pest issues you name it.

Would you like to get your top home energy questions answered? Give us a call 800-398-4663 between 8-5 Monday through Friday or 9-1 Saturdays. Or stop in to our Energy Center showroom between 10-4 Monday through Friday at 3909 196th St SW, Lynnwood,WA,98036.

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