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Time for one resolution you CAN keep!

Washington Energy | 01/01/2011 | Posted in Ductless heat pump, Insulation

Happy New Year!

We are excited for a great new year and have lots of energy saving tips and information for you in our upcoming newsletters. If you have a suggestion and/or would like to see more on a particular topic, please let us know at info@washingtonenergy.com

Making a New Year’s resolution is a time honored tradition. If you’re like me, the resolutions are always highly admirable but end in defeat. That’s where an Energy Resolution comes in. This is one resolution you can achieve with minimal grief. And by this we don’t mean saving energy by turning down your thermostat and freezing. It’s 2012, we have better ways.

Here are 5 things you can do to successfully reduce your home energy consumption and save money in the process:

  1. Seal the leaks around your windows and exterior doors. This is easy to do, and will help your home keep the heat in. Caulk, spray foam or use weather stripping and it will have an impact on improving your comfort and reducing utility bills. Don’t want to fuss with this – contact a handyman, or a reputable window, insulation or painting company. Many of them provide this service.
  2. Fix your insulation situation. According to the Department of Energy, “heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average American home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes.” And according to their EnergyStar website, you could save up to 10% of your total annual energy bill just by sealing and insulating.
  3. Clean and seal heating ducts. About 20% of the air that moves through your duct system is lost due to leaks and poorly sealed connections. Need I say more? Call us or click here.
  4. Rethink electric heat. Electric heat can be double the cost of natural gas heat. There are two great ways to cut that cost. If you want to stay with electric as a heat source, replace those wall/baseboard heaters with new ductless heat pumps, They provide 25-40% energy savings and also turn into air conditioners in the summer. You can learn more about ductless heat pumps at www.goingductlessnorthwest.com. Or, if you live on a street where there are already gas lines, Puget Sound Energy is offering large $ incentive packages to help make it affordable to convert. Restrictions apply so contact a qualified gas furnace contractor, such as Washington Energy Services, and they can walk you through the process.
  5. Improve indoor air quality. Duct cleaning, changing furnace filters and using UV PHI lights in your heating system can make a difference. Duct cleaning reduces particulates that affect allergies. Changing your furnace filter helps it breathe better, be more energy efficient and collect more stuff so you don’t breathe it. A Guardian Air PHI UV light can kill germs, bacteria even flu in your house and reduce pet odor too. These things don’t cost much but whew, you can breathe easier.

Think you’re ready to make a 2012 energy resolution?

For more information contact us at 1-800-398 HOME (4663). Or click here to check out our current promotions for Seattle and western Washington.

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