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Think Like a Pro When Replacing Your Heating Systems

Danielle Onat | 01/05/2018 | Posted in Heating, Cooling, Ductless heat pump, Heat pump, How to, Tips to save money

From urgent need to thoughtful upgrade, there are many reasons to replace heating systems. Before your furnace, heat pump or boiler fails, get the inside scoop on heating replacement from our pros. Considering these four scenarios can put you in the driver’s seat to make the best decision for your home comfort needs.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Heating System

In the last few years, our customers have been proactively replacing working heating systems for a variety of reasons. Here are the top four.

✔  Repairs are too costly

If you hear loud noises coming from the furnace or smell something burnt when it kicks on  your equipment is in need of service. A diagnostic service will reveal whether it is reasonable to fix, covered by warranty, or may not be worth patching up.

✔  Older heating systems fading

If the heating equipment is functioning, but it’s over 20 years old, or not routinely maintained, the key parts may be at the end of their lifespan. This is particularly true of natural gas furnaces and boilers, as the wear and tear of burning fuel takes its toll.

The energy efficiency of the equipment will have eroded along with the parts, and your bills may be higher because of it. Today’s heating equipment can have significantly higher efficiency than a system installed 20 years ago. So, an old furnace might be a good candidate for proactive heating system replacement.

✔  Changes made to the house

If you have built an addition, remodeled an attic or finished a basement to be part of the living space, there may not be enough heat produced by your current heating system to cover all those new areas. There are many options to heat those new spaces including: replacing the existing heating system with a higher capacity system (with sufficient ductwork), or supplementing the current heating system with a ductless heat pump in the new area.

✔  Frustrated with cold rooms

If your heating needs have changed, and you want to improve your comfort, today’s even-heating technologies, such as modulating gas furnaces and variable speed heat pumps may help. Finding the right solution for uncomfortable rooms will depend on understanding the cause. You might have an underperforming or poorly designed heating system, or a combination of issues. Not sure it’s the heating system? A comprehensive home energy audit can pinpoint the sources of discomfort, and show you the most impactful upgrades to make.


Washington Energy Services offers expert repair and replacement of heating systems, and home energy audits. Our pros will assess your heating system, answer your questions, and provide choices to fit your lifestyle and budget. Are you ready to get a new heating system?

Contact us for a free estimate. 

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