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3 Technical Window Features Explained

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Insulated windows

Insulated windows may sound fancy, but luckily, this is a feature offered in most new windows. It simply means that the window has more than one pane of glass. In fact, insulated windows are offered in double- or triple- pane options. This provides an extra layer of—you guessed it—insulation to keep warm and cool air where it should be. This is thanks to a sealed layer or layers of air or gas between the panes, which cut down on heat transfer or escape.


U-factor is a measurement that illustrates how much heat can escape through the window. Homeowners should pay very close attention to this important number, as it is the main indicator of the overall insulating power of the window. U-factor is measured on a scale between 0 and 1. Contrary to what you might guess, the lower the number, the better insulating performance you can expect. For example, a measurement of 0.10 will provide better insulation than a measurement of 0.35. ENERGY STAR offers U-factor recommendations based on your climate and region.

Low-emissivity (or Low-E) coatings

Now that you understand U-factor, we can now explore the term low-E, which can contribute to the U-factor. Often overlooked, this feature can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency.

View Diagram Here

Windows with Low-E have a special coating on the windowpane glass that reduces heat transfer. This blocks heat from entering your home in warm weather, and keeps warm air in your home during cold weather. This technology often costs a bit more than regular, non-Low-E windows. However, for optimal energy efficiency (and for homes without A/C in the summer), Low-E windows might be a worthwhile investment for your wallet and overall comfort.

These are just a few of the terms you might hear when considering home window replacement. We recommend contacting Washington Energy Services to discuss further. One of our skilled technicians will take the time to explain all the options, features, and benefits of our wide selection. You’ll become a window techie in no time!

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3 ROI-friendly home upgrades for Puget Sound home sellers

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Invest in new fixtures and hardware.

Perhaps one of the least expensive upgrades you can make, new fixtures add shine and newness to any room. An older bathroom sink can instantly be brought into the 21st century with a new faucet, which can quickly and inexpensively be replaced by Washington Energy Services. The same goes for a leaky or outdated bath faucet.

Updated hardware is also a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade your home. For example, doors with scratched brass doorknobs are given new life with modern brushed metal options. Changing or adding modern or classic cabinet hardware is also a way to upgrade the kitchen—an important and lucrative area when selling a home.

Open the door to higher offers.

The National Association of Realtors develops a report each year that compares remodeling cost versus value. This report rates home projects with the highest and lowest return on investment. Door replacement consistently ranks very high in terms of ROI. That’s because a front door—good or bad—makes a first impression. An old or damaged door screams cheap, while a new or well-maintained door says sophistication.

Door options from Washington Energy Services can replace your outdated or worn-out door with a classic, traditional, or modern option. If a new door isn’t in the budget, invest in a high-gloss paint and give your door a pop of color.

Make the move to vinyl windows.

Many older homes still have single pane or aluminum-framed windows. If you have a few (or more) of these in your home, consider replacing them with vinyl windows. The presence of single pane or aluminum-framed windows are a deterrent that are noticed by potential buyers, because they are less energy efficient, collect condensation, and can be drafty.

If a full window replacement isn’t an option for your home because of budget, pick a few of the more prominent or drafty windows to replace.

Just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t stand out. Most homes can benefit from a few quick upgrades, and your bottom line can as well.

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3 ways to help your home get lucky this month

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Get cool with A/C.

Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is forecast to be a chilly one. But in just a couple short months, you’ll be perspiring in the PNW sun. Get a jump start on your air conditioning game by installing a new unit now. Not only will you save 20% this month, but you’ll also beat the summertime rush of boiling hot homeowners.

See clearly.

Windows should make your home feel brighter, larger, and fresher—not colder. Are your windows letting in more than light? If you’re dealing with drafty seals, condensation between panes, old aluminum frames, or just unsightly windows, now’s the perfect time to replace them. Several of these issues contribute to poor energy efficiency, which can wreak havoc on your energy bill.

Enjoy the light of spring without all the hassle and cost. Plus, with 20% off through March, you’ll see more clearly than ever.

Look on the bright side[ing].

Think of your home’s siding as a fine suit. It’s the first thing you notice on a home’s exterior. Is your siding just not fitting well? Is it showing wear and tear? Is it straight out of 1977? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider upgrading your siding to a more contemporary, tailored solution. When you replace your siding, you instantly increase the value and durability of your home. Fiber cement siding is low maintenance and comes in beautiful shades of baked-on color.

During the month of March, James Hardie fiber cement siding is 20% off. Who said a finely tailored suit had to be full price?

Heating units, gas fireplace inserts, generators, insulation, and tankless water heaters are also 20% off through the end of March. Check out our Offers page for all sales and specials.

March is a time to save some green and get lucky. Washington Energy Services’ great prices, expert specialists, and huge product selection will help you accomplish both.

Book your free estimate

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Modern windows provide great return on investment

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Improvements in technology have made modern windows vastly more effective in improving the energy efficiency of your home than those made in decades past. According to Energy Star, the government’s standard for energy efficiency in consumer products, replacing older windows with Energy Star-certified windows can save between $101 and $583 for single pane windows and between $27 and $197 per year when replacing double-pane windows. Over time, these energy savings will more than repay the investment homeowners make in replacing windows.

Why New Windows Work Better

Energy is lost through windows in a number of ways. About 2/3 of energy loss from windows occurs through radiation through its glazing. In the winter, heat from inside the home will pass through the solid surface of the window outside, requiring more heat production to keep the home warm. In the summer, heat will pass through the window to inside the home, requiring more work from the air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature. Air leakage also results in energy loss.

Most modern windows use low-e glass, a specially insulated form of glass. Window manufacturers produce low-e glass by applying a thin layer of metallic oxide coating to the glass that allows light through but blocks UV rays and reduces heat transmission. As a result, the windows reduce energy loss by up to 50 percent. Filling the space between glass panes with argon or krypton glass to improve insulation can also reduce energy loss. Newer windows and window frames also reduce energy loss by doing a much better job of sealing cracks and gaps that may let hot air out during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

How To Tell It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Energy experts recommend replacing your windows if they are more than 15 years old. Some signs that your windows may need replacement include:

  • Cracked or rotting window frames.
  • Frequent condensation or frost build up on the windows.
  • Windows are very hot to the touch during the summer or cold to the touch during the winter months.
  • You feel drafts near your window.
  • Unreasonably high energy bills.

It’s estimated that the average home loses about 10 percent of its heat through its windows, so upgrading windows to more efficient modern models can have a big long term impact on energy costs. Improved energy efficiency isn’t the only benefit of replacing your windows. New windows can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and help raise its property value.

Washington Energy Services is a family-owned heating and cooling home improvement contractor.  Founded in 1957, Washington Energy Services has generations of experience in providing comprehensive home heating and cooling solutions, including sales, installation and service. A member of the Puget Sound Energy Contractor Alliance Network, Washington Energy Services has an excellent local business reputation. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Soundproofing your home for rest, relaxation, and recreation

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How can soundproofing benefit me?

Let’s highlight a few situations where soundproofing can make a big impact.
Homes located near airports or major freeways are obvious candidates for soundproofing, as it can help eliminate the constant rumble of transportation. Boisterous neighbors can (unfortunately) be another catalyst for pursuing a soundproofing solution.

Home theater rooms can also greatly benefit from soundproofing to keep the auditory excitement of the movies in, and the exterior noise out. Soundproofing can also be extended to rooms that have loud appliances, rec rooms, or spaces that simply require more privacy.

What steps can I take to soundproof my home?

You may be surprised how simple it can be to reduce household and exterior noise.


First, think insulation. Increasing your interior and exterior insulation helps absorb noise and keep it contained where it belongs. And of course, adding insulation can help your home achieve better energy efficiency. The experts at Washington Energy Services can help you decide how much insulation is right for your home, for both soundproofing and energy efficiency.


Windows are another great way to help keep noise levels low. Adding windows with varying glass thickness or lamination can really save your sanity when it comes to outside noises. Newer energy efficient windows carry the added bonus, as they cut down on condensation and cold drafts, which increases the comfort of your home and keeps you warmer in the winter.

If this win-win-window solution sounds good to you, Washington Energy can advise you on both window selection and installation.


Our Prodigy insulated vinyl siding offers additional r-value and sound deadening properties. Often paired with window projects, siding can be an additional resource if you’re seeking peace and quiet.

Honking. Sirens. Airplanes. Neighbors. If one or more of these things are impacting the quietude and comfort of your home, let us help you find a solution to regain your sanctuary.

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A closer look at energy-efficient window options in Seattle

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If you’re considering window replacement in Seattle, you have several amazing energy-efficient options to choose from—keep reading to learn more about the products we offer and how to choose the windows that are just right for your home.

Vinyl windows

Vinyl is a product that marries cost and aesthetics to achieve a product that fits within a lower budget and delivers both the look and insulation you want. While vinyl does not insulate quite as well as wood, it is still superior to older aluminum and steel window frames. Vinyl windows can be manufactured in a number of colors, and some products mimic the look of wood for the aesthetic you want without the high cost or upkeep associated with wood windows. This material is easy to repair if damaged and won’t splinter, warp, or rot like wood, but vinyl can be susceptible to damage from prolonged UV exposure and may lose some of its strength over the years.

Wood windows

Wood is an excellent insulator—wood replacement windows provide greater insulating properties than aluminum or vinyl frames, making this material a great choice when purchasing an energy-efficient window product for your home. Many homeowners love the natural and classic look and feel of real wood, which adds a sense of visual warmth to your home’s interior and exterior. Today’s wood windows are designed for durability, but wood can still be susceptible to issues if a regular schedule of maintenance is not followed. Wood windows typically require repainting or refinishing every few years, and should be checked regularly to ensure their caulking and other seals are intact to prevent moisture-related damage, such as warping and rot. These windows are often more expensive than other options, but will add value to your home when installed.

Andersen Fibrex windows

Andersen brand windows are made using Andersen’s proprietary Fibrex product, which is a composite material that combines polymers with 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight. Thus, this product aims to provide the benefits of both natural and manmade products, as well as superior environmental benefits by reducing not only your home’s energy consumption, but the waste associated with new product manufacturing as well. Because Fibrex is extremely strong, Andersen windows can incorporate a narrower frame, which maximizes the amount of glass in your window for better views and interior lighting. Fibrex is also durable and long-lasting, and warrantied against rotting, blistering, corroding, and flaking. Despite the fact that Fibrex looks just like a wood window, it requires none of the high level of maintenance associated with wood, and never needs painting or refinishing for the look you want without the work.

Installing energy-efficient replacement windows is a great way to increase the value of your home. Not only will you enjoy beautiful, well-crafted windows, but you’ll also see a reduction in the monthly totals on your heating and cooling bills. If it’s time for you to replace your windows, let Washington Energy Services help! Contact us for a free estimate today.

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New windows: a fresh start to summer and beyond

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Save on energy costs.

This is perhaps the most impactful benefit of installing new windows. According to ENERGY STAR, you can save between $101–$583 a year when you replace your single-pane windows with a more energy efficient solution. If you have leaky, aluminum, or single-pane windows, your home loses energy year-round. In the winter, inefficient windows allow cold air to seep in and warm air to escape. In the summer, the opposite occurs. Either way, you’re losing valuable energy, and of course, money.

Energy efficient windows from WES are ENERGY STAR rated, so you’ll know there’s no better defense against energy loss.

Get comfortable.

We’ve already mentioned the downside of air leakage and lack of insulation in terms of energy and money loss. But let’s talk comfort. Your home should be a refuge from the cold and a shelter from the beating sun. In both situations, inefficient windows make your home less comfortable than it could be. If there’s one place in the world where you should be able to relax and stay comfortable, it’s your home.

Keep your valuables vibrant.

Low emissivity (or Low-E) windows have a super thin metallic layer that is applied to the third surface of a double-paned insulated glass unit (IGU). It allows light to pass through (light is short waved), but reflects longer wave heat energy. Not only does this coating keep heat on the right side of the window (inside in the winter, outside in the summer), it reduces UV damage to your carpet, furniture, and floors. So not only will your windows look great, everything else will, too.

Now is a great time to work with WES for your window replacement. Through May 31 2016, enjoy 15% off windows from the industry’s most trusted brands. Not sure if your windows are due to be replaced? Check out our past blog post that lists telltale signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

New windows can help you have a cooler, brighter, and more comfortable summer. And with the cost savings from WES and on your energy bill, you’ll finally have an excuse to extend that summer vacation you’ve been planning.

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