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3 Technical Window Features Explained

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Insulated windows

Insulated windows may sound fancy, but luckily, this is a feature offered in most new windows. It simply means that the window has more than one pane of glass. In fact, insulated windows are offered in double- or triple- pane options. This provides an extra layer of—you guessed it—insulation to keep warm and cool air where it should be. This is thanks to a sealed layer or layers of air or gas between the panes, which cut down on heat transfer or escape.


U-factor is a measurement that illustrates how much heat can escape through the window. Homeowners should pay very close attention to this important number, as it is the main indicator of the overall insulating power of the window. U-factor is measured on a scale between 0 and 1. Contrary to what you might guess, the lower the number, the better insulating performance you can expect. For example, a measurement of 0.10 will provide better insulation than a measurement of 0.35. ENERGY STAR offers U-factor recommendations based on your climate and region.

Low-emissivity (or Low-E) coatings

Now that you understand U-factor, we can now explore the term low-E, which can contribute to the U-factor. Often overlooked, this feature can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency.

View Diagram Here

Windows with Low-E have a special coating on the windowpane glass that reduces heat transfer. This blocks heat from entering your home in warm weather, and keeps warm air in your home during cold weather. This technology often costs a bit more than regular, non-Low-E windows. However, for optimal energy efficiency (and for homes without A/C in the summer), Low-E windows might be a worthwhile investment for your wallet and overall comfort.

These are just a few of the terms you might hear when considering home window replacement. We recommend contacting Washington Energy Services to discuss further. One of our skilled technicians will take the time to explain all the options, features, and benefits of our wide selection. You’ll become a window techie in no time!

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New windows: a fresh start to summer and beyond

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Save on energy costs.

This is perhaps the most impactful benefit of installing new windows. According to ENERGY STAR, you can save between $101–$583 a year when you replace your single-pane windows with a more energy efficient solution. If you have leaky, aluminum, or single-pane windows, your home loses energy year-round. In the winter, inefficient windows allow cold air to seep in and warm air to escape. In the summer, the opposite occurs. Either way, you’re losing valuable energy, and of course, money.

Energy efficient windows from WES are ENERGY STAR rated, so you’ll know there’s no better defense against energy loss.

Get comfortable.

We’ve already mentioned the downside of air leakage and lack of insulation in terms of energy and money loss. But let’s talk comfort. Your home should be a refuge from the cold and a shelter from the beating sun. In both situations, inefficient windows make your home less comfortable than it could be. If there’s one place in the world where you should be able to relax and stay comfortable, it’s your home.

Keep your valuables vibrant.

Low emissivity (or Low-E) windows have a super thin metallic layer that is applied to the third surface of a double-paned insulated glass unit (IGU). It allows light to pass through (light is short waved), but reflects longer wave heat energy. Not only does this coating keep heat on the right side of the window (inside in the winter, outside in the summer), it reduces UV damage to your carpet, furniture, and floors. So not only will your windows look great, everything else will, too.

Now is a great time to work with WES for your window replacement. Through May 31 2016, enjoy 15% off windows from the industry’s most trusted brands. Not sure if your windows are due to be replaced? Check out our past blog post that lists telltale signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

New windows can help you have a cooler, brighter, and more comfortable summer. And with the cost savings from WES and on your energy bill, you’ll finally have an excuse to extend that summer vacation you’ve been planning.

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