Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…

A gurgling toilet is not a welcome sound. While there are a few possible causes, two of the most common are faulty tank equipment or a clog.

The first cause, faulty tank equipment, can be diagnosed fairly easily. Before you throw out older pieces, first adjust the float level to ensure enough water is filling the tank. Generally, the water level should be about ½ inch below the overflow tube. If you require new parts, such as a flapper or valve, despair not—they are generally inexpensive.

Clogs are often simple to fix… but not always. First, try a plunger. If you’re lucky, this tried-and-true tool will be enough to remove the blockage. If not, it’s possible that the vent is clogged. This might require a more in-depth clearing process, including putting a plumber’s snake through the toilet vent on top of your roof. We recommend calling a skilled plumbing specialist, such as Washington Energy Services, for a clog that requires this more invasive step.

The toilet is either running or trickling.

A running or trickling toilet isn’t just annoying—it can be a costly waste of water. If you see trickling water coming into the toilet bowl, the reason is usually a leaking toilet flapper. An alternate cause is the toilet flush valve. We recommend checking the toilet flapper and its components first, since it is the least expensive to replace. Inspect the chain and make sure it isn’t tangled or hung up, as this alone can cause the trickling water. If it is in order, purchase a new toilet flapper from the hardware store.

If your toilet is constantly running, the toilet fill valve could be to blame. This device fills water into the tank and features a float device that causes the valve to shut off when the water gets to the correct level. The valve can be adjusted or replaced to keep the water at the proper height.

Phantom flushing… spooky.

Have you ever heard your toilet flush in the middle of the night? No, it’s not a ghost. (Probably.) Your toilet is phantom flushing. Luckily, the fix usually isn’t difficult and can often be remedied with a new toilet flapper.

If you are experiencing any of these issues and simple fixes aren’t working, call Washington Energy Services. Whether it’s a running toilet you just can’t stop or a major water-leaking situation, our technicians have the knowledge and skill to get your toilet back to doing what it does best… we’ll leave it at that.

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