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Spring is the time to think about air conditioning

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We’re sure you’ve heard it: “You don’t need air conditioning in the PNW.” But as each summer seems to get more stifling, this is no longer the case. In fact, many homeowners are finding their homes to be unbearable. In order to keep you and your family comfortable, happy, and productive all summer long, air conditioning is becoming increasingly crucial.

Spring is the perfect time to make this important investment in your home. As we said before, we’re still dealing with chilly weather, so air conditioning may be the last thing on your mind. (In fact, you’re probably still cranking the heat on a daily basis!) But if you get the ball rolling now rather than in July, you won’t have to wait in repressive heat while we meet the needs of hundreds of homes. You’ll be provided with an air conditioning solution now, so you can chill later.

Plus, contacting us for an estimate is a no-pressure, no-commitment decision. We’ll come to your home, present your options, provide an estimate, and offer guidance and expertise. Once you have all the information, you can decide which solution is right for your home and budget. Washington Energy Services has a myriad of air conditioning systems and options to help you break through the heat… without breaking the bank.

If you already have an air conditioning unit, spring is an important time for you, too. If you haven’t already, check out our past blog article about getting your air conditioner ready for summer. If your air conditioner is in less-than-stellar shape, give us a call for maintenance or repair. The same reasoning from above applies: the summer A/C rush is coming—and you can beat it.

Yes, we’re still dealing with some cool weather. But look into your summer crystal ball. Connect with Washington Energy Services—we predict a cool, comfortable summer in your future.

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5 home maintenance tips to help you spring into spring

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These five tips are a great place to start.

Recover from winter window wallops.

Your windows take a beating in the winter. Harsh wind, frozen temperatures, and sheets of rain can weaken the seal around your windows. Take a look at your windows’ caulking and weather stripping to ensure they’ve stayed intact. If you see cracking, or feel air entering your home through the seal, apply new caulking or weather stripping. If condensation has crept between the panes, it’s probably time to get the window replaced.

Let the good air roll.

Sure, hot temperatures are still a few months away. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare your air conditioner now. Doing so allows you to check it off your list and get any necessary repairs done by a professional before the summer rush. When inspecting your air conditioner, be sure to:

  • Change the filter
  • Check hose connections for leaks
  • Ensure drain pans are properly draining
  • Vacuum dust from the unit and connections

If you suspect that your air conditioner or heat pump isn’t working as efficiently as it should, give WES a call—we can make a diagnosis and recommendation that will keep you and your family cool all spring and summer long.

Check the attic.

It may not be a fun job, but it’s necessary to inspect your attic—and spring is a prime time to do it. First, keep a look out for insects or vermin. If you see signs of a creepy crawler infestation, take quick action or call the proper eradicators.

Next, examine your attic for mold, which looks like grayish-black splotches. Your mold inspection should be thorough, as it can present serious structural and health issues.

Finally, inspect your attic’s insulation. This can be tricky if you’re not sure what proper insulation looks like, but it can greatly affect your home’s energy efficiency. Contact WES to schedule a Home Energy Audit – in addition to potentially large energy savings, the audit will give you peace of mind and a better understanding of your homes’s insulation situation.

Prep your gutters for April showers.

Make sure spring’s downpours will have a clear path in your gutters. Winter winds can cause damage and debris to build up in your gutters. When your gutters become clogged, water backs up and can cause damage to the roof, fascia, soffits, and siding. Climb a ladder and inspect your gutters, removing any debris. Also examine the surrounding area and keep an eye out for areas where the gutter may have pulled away from the house. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, call a professional who can not only clean the gutters, but also assess any damage and help you implement repairs.

Get on my lawn!

While it may be a bit early to get out there and toil in the yard, a few simple tasks can help you get a head start on a beautiful lawn. Take a look at these spring lawn tips, courtesy of Bob Vila.

  • Rake the lawn to remove any branches, debris and leaves that you might have missed in the fall (if left, they can suffocate the grass beneath)
  • Prevent weeds from germinating with an organic herbicide
  • Make sure outdoor water systems—pipes, faucets, and in-ground sprinkler systems—are in working order.
  • Once the ground thaws completely, start preparing new garden beds for summer plants.
  • Take stock of your garden tools and lawn-maintenance equipment, including lawn mowers, trimmers and hoses.

We are in the homestretch for warm weather, long days, and fun in the sun. Take on these springtime maintenance tips now so you can bask later. If your home isn’t as comfortable as it should be – we’re only a phone call or an email away. Our estimates are free!

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Getting your home A/C ready for spring in Seattle

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Throughout the winter season, keeping your heating system functioning efficiently is your main concern. However, even while it’s not in use, it’s important to continue caring for your air conditioner to prevent problems in the spring. Although warm weather may still be a few weeks away, there are several steps you can take today to help get your air conditioner ready for the cooling season. Now is also a good time to schedule your home’s spring HVAC tune-up—a professional inspection and cleaning is the very best way to enjoy problem-free cooling throughout the spring and summer months.

Check and clear the outdoor uUnit

Central air conditioning systems are comprised of one unit located indoors near your furnace, and a second unit located outside. While the outdoor component of your A/C is designed to withstand the winter weather, it’s a good idea to check on it periodically and clear the area of any debris. As the cold weather begins to wane and the growing season begins, check this area again and cut back any trees, landscaping, or other plants to keep the space within three feet of your air conditioner’s condenser clear in all directions. Inspecting the unit for signs of damage from falling objects or pests over the winter gives you time to address any concerns you may have or make any repairs necessary well in advance of the cooling season.

Adjust your cooling program

Programmable thermostats make maintaining home comfort easy and convenient by adjusting the amount of heating or cooling your HVAC system delivers to fit your schedule. If your cooling program from last year is still programmed into your thermostat, check it against your upcoming schedule to determine whether changes are needed, based on the times you will be at home and away. The best way to save energy and reduce stress on your HVAC system is to call for less cooling during times when you aren’t home, and more during the hours you’re present. Making adjustments to your cooling schedule now means you can’t forget to do it later, allowing you to enjoy energy-efficient cooling from the moment you activate your air conditioner for the season. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, it’s never too late to consider installing one to enjoy the benefits it can offer.

Test your A/C

Even though the weather may still be cool, there is no better way to ensure your A/C is ready for the spring than to test it. Take a moment to set your thermostat to a temperature at least three degrees cooler than the current reading and switch your system to cool. Make sure your air conditioner activates, and take note of the delay between switching your A/C on and the activation of your cooling system; if the delay seems longer than you remember, your air conditioner may need attention. Let your air conditioner run for a few minutes to make sure it seems to be operating as you expect—if you notice any loud or strange noises while the A/C is running, call your HVAC service for an inspection to handle the issue before the cooling season begins.

Taking care of your cooling system, even during the off season, will ensure efficient function and reduce the risk of breakdowns when you’re ready to switch on the A/C. For Seattle air conditioning service, trust Washington Energy. We provide the highest quality HVAC service in the Seattle market. Request an appointment online today or call to schedule an appointment at 800-389-4463.

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