How can soundproofing benefit me?

Let’s highlight a few situations where soundproofing can make a big impact.
Homes located near airports or major freeways are obvious candidates for soundproofing, as it can help eliminate the constant rumble of transportation. Boisterous neighbors can (unfortunately) be another catalyst for pursuing a soundproofing solution.

Home theater rooms can also greatly benefit from soundproofing to keep the auditory excitement of the movies in, and the exterior noise out. Soundproofing can also be extended to rooms that have loud appliances, rec rooms, or spaces that simply require more privacy.

What steps can I take to soundproof my home?

You may be surprised how simple it can be to reduce household and exterior noise.


First, think insulation. Increasing your interior and exterior insulation helps absorb noise and keep it contained where it belongs. And of course, adding insulation can help your home achieve better energy efficiency. The experts at Washington Energy Services can help you decide how much insulation is right for your home, for both soundproofing and energy efficiency.


Windows are another great way to help keep noise levels low. Adding windows with varying glass thickness or lamination can really save your sanity when it comes to outside noises. Newer energy efficient windows carry the added bonus, as they cut down on condensation and cold drafts, which increases the comfort of your home and keeps you warmer in the winter.

If this win-win-window solution sounds good to you, Washington Energy can advise you on both window selection and installation.


Our Prodigy insulated vinyl siding offers additional r-value and sound deadening properties. Often paired with window projects, siding can be an additional resource if you’re seeking peace and quiet.

Honking. Sirens. Airplanes. Neighbors. If one or more of these things are impacting the quietude and comfort of your home, let us help you find a solution to regain your sanctuary.