Here are some of the most popular local utility rebates.

    1. Ductless heat pumps: Seattle City light now provides $1500 back on a ductless heat pump installation. PSE offers $1200 and Tacoma Power $800. You must have an electrically heated home and meet other requirements. Once you install your ductless heat pump, you can also expect to save 25-50% on heating bills. They are super quiet too.
    2. Window upgrades: If you have single pane or double pane metal frame windows, and an electrically heated, insulated home, there are great window rebates. If you buy energy efficient windows (.30 U factor or better), PSE provides $5 per sq ft up to $1500 (was $750 in 2012). Tacoma Power pays $2-$4 per sq ft up to $1000. That’s like getting a free window!
    3. Converting to natural gas: Natural gas is one of the lowest cost heat sources. PSE has up to $4750 in rebates available if you switch to natural gas. The rebates cover switching to gas home heating and water heating as well as for choosing an energy efficient furnace or water heater. Getting a gas meter put in and a line from the street may be costly, but if you are switching to natural gas from oil heat your annual savings will be huge. It’s surprising how many people have been suffering with big oil, propane or electric heating bills and have never called us, or their utility, to find out if they could affordably get natural gas.
    4. Air source heat pumps: For electrically heated homes with air ducts, you can save on heating bills through an air-source heat pump. PSE offers up to $1800 for a conversion from an electric furnace to a heat pump (with a temperature lock out control). Or up to $800 for the addition of an energy efficient heat pump to your existing electric heating system. Tacoma Power offers up to $1250 in combination with duct sealing, or $750 for just the heat pump.
    5. High-efficiency furnace: Natural gas customers, you’ll save on your heating costs with a 95% efficient furnace. PSE offers you $250 and Cascade Natural gas offers $150.

Rebates that have gone away: The federal energy tax credit did end at the close of 2011, so the only rebates today are from utilities. Tankless water heater rebates have largely disappeared, with the exception of Cascade Natural Gas. PSE will provide a $950 rebate on a high efficiency tankless but only if you are doing a natural gas conversion (see above).

All of these rebates are restricted to certain efficiency levels, sizes and in some cases other measures such as insulation levels. They are subject to change. Our home energy specialists can provide more information on these and qualifying products. Call us at 800 398 4663, or visit for details.