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Which Energy Upgrades Qualify for Utility Rebates?

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There are significant incentives provided by our local utilities to help us make saving energy a priority. Many product categories have utility rebates available, and each utility has slightly different offers. The primary emphasis is on saving electricity. Additional goals include efficient use of natural gas or water through high efficiency equipment.

While the majority of Washington’s electricity is from clean hydroelectric sources, our state wants to conserve its use so that we can grow without burning more coal or adding more power plants, (plus let’s be real, they sell some to other states). Electricity savings come from, for example, installation of solar panels or efficient heat pumps, conversion from electric heating to natural gas, and LED light bulbs.

Alongside direct energy savings from appliances is a goal of improved home performance, meaning roughly that our homes are sealed and insulated to retain the heating and cooling we put into them. That’s where windows and insulation earn their rebates.

For more information or to schedule your rebate qualified upgrade, contact Washington Energy Services.


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2018 Medal of Excellence Award Winner

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Washington Energy Services is the 2018 Medal of Excellence Award Winner

“We are truly humbled by this honor, thank you to Bryant and their amazing products!” – The Washington Energy Team

Every year, Bryant awards one dealer from the Medal of Excellence winners the title of Dealer of the Year. The Dealer of the Year distinction recognizes that dealer as the best-of-the-best…a dealer who embodies Bryant’s “Whatever It Takes” attitude and delivers quality service to their customers every day. They have pursued excellence with such vigor and determination that they are worthy of being distinguished with this highest honor – that of being the one and only Bryant Dealer of the Year.

– From Bryant.com

✔  Circle of Champions Award

We also won the Circle of Champions Award for Bryant Factory Authorized Dealers (FAD) who have strong performance across all categories of the FAD Awards program.

Thank you for the tremendous honor, Bryant!

 Circle of Champions Award

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Think Like a Pro When Replacing Your Heating Systems

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From urgent need to thoughtful upgrade, there are many reasons to replace heating systems. Before your furnace, heat pump or boiler fails, get the inside scoop on heating replacement from our pros. Considering these four scenarios can put you in the driver’s seat to make the best decision for your home comfort needs.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Heating System

In the last few years, our customers have been proactively replacing working heating systems for a variety of reasons. Here are the top four.

✔  Repairs are too costly

If you hear loud noises coming from the furnace or smell something burnt when it kicks on  your equipment is in need of service. A diagnostic service will reveal whether it is reasonable to fix, covered by warranty, or may not be worth patching up.

✔  Older heating systems fading

If the heating equipment is functioning, but it’s over 20 years old, or not routinely maintained, the key parts may be at the end of their lifespan. This is particularly true of natural gas furnaces and boilers, as the wear and tear of burning fuel takes its toll.

The energy efficiency of the equipment will have eroded along with the parts, and your bills may be higher because of it. Today’s heating equipment can have significantly higher efficiency than a system installed 20 years ago. So, an old furnace might be a good candidate for proactive heating system replacement.

✔  Changes made to the house

If you have built an addition, remodeled an attic or finished a basement to be part of the living space, there may not be enough heat produced by your current heating system to cover all those new areas. There are many options to heat those new spaces including: replacing the existing heating system with a higher capacity system (with sufficient ductwork), or supplementing the current heating system with a ductless heat pump in the new area.

✔  Frustrated with cold rooms

If your heating needs have changed, and you want to improve your comfort, today’s even-heating technologies, such as modulating gas furnaces and variable speed heat pumps may help. Finding the right solution for uncomfortable rooms will depend on understanding the cause. You might have an underperforming or poorly designed heating system, or a combination of issues. Not sure it’s the heating system? A comprehensive home energy audit can pinpoint the sources of discomfort, and show you the most impactful upgrades to make.


Washington Energy Services offers expert repair and replacement of heating systems, and home energy audits. Our pros will assess your heating system, answer your questions, and provide choices to fit your lifestyle and budget. Are you ready to get a new heating system?

Contact us for a free estimate. 

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Gas Fireplaces and Winter: A Match Made in Heating Heaven

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What says fall and winter better than a cozy fire? How about a cozy fire that is also energy efficient, safe, stylish, convenient, and provides warmth? Gas fireplaces from Washington Energy Services fit the bill. Take a look and sign-up for a Free Estimate.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s gas fireplace inserts from Archgard allow you to zone-heat your home, providing warmth to the room your family frequents the most. This helps you save on your energy bills because you don’t have to continuously run your furnace or heat pump throughout your whole home.

The inserts themselves also boast impressive energy efficient stats. In fact, all Archgard models offer at least an 80 AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). AFUE represents the percentage of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed. This percentage is especially impressive when you consider that these models offer both radiant and blown heat.


Wood burning fireplaces can pose serious health risks to your family. Smoke contains microscopic particles that get into your eyes, and worse, your respiratory system and bloodstream. At best, it might cause you to cough or have watery eyes. At worst, it can permanently damage your lungs.

Gas fireplace inserts remove this concern by providing the same look and feel like a real fire, without the safety hazards. No floating particles, no smoky rooms. Just you, a clean fire, and a safe home.

Style and Convenience

Gone are the days of limited gas fireplace options. For a traditional look, opt for decorative grates and surrounds. Or go sleek and simple for a contemporary decor. Whatever your preference, there are dozens of options for surround style, backgrounds, logs, and stones.

In terms of convenience, gas fireplace inserts really couldn’t be simpler. With the push of a remote control button, you have an energy efficient heat with no logs, matches, or ash.

Cozy Warmth

Finally, gas fireplaces provide a cozy warmth that you just don’t get with other heating systems. Models from Washington Energy Services feature a blower to efficiently heat a room, and radiant heat for a cozy, sipping-hot-chocolate-on-Christmas-Eve feeling.

There’s no better time than winter to install a gas fireplace to upgrade the style, efficiency, and warmth of your home. Contact Washington Energy Services for a free in-home estimate from one of our skilled technicians.

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Exploring thermostat basics for home comfort

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How tThermostats work

All thermostats work via the same principle. Through either mechanical or electrical means, the thermostat measures the ambient air temperature in your home and compares it to the temperature you have set as your desired comfort level. During the summer, if your set point is below the ambient temperature, your thermostat will trigger your air conditioning or heat pump system to cool your home until the right level is reached. Similarly, your thermostat will trigger your furnace, boiler, or heat pump if your home’s temperature is less than your desired set point in the winter. Using your thermostat, you can adjust your home comfort level at any time; modern thermostats may have additional settings if you have extra components installed in your HVAC system, such as a humidifier or air purification system, allowing you to control these functions as well. Regardless of the type of thermostat you have installed, it should be placed in an area of your home free from direct sunlight and drafts, as well as other sources of heating and cooling. This allows your thermostat to get the most accurate reading of the ambient air temperature and prompt your HVAC system properly for greater efficiency.

Getting the most from your thermostat

Because your thermostat is the only interface with your HVAC system, using it effectively is the key to better energy savings and lower heating and cooling system stress. Adjusting your thermostat to reduce heating or cooling by just a few degrees while you are asleep or away from home is a significant step toward lowering your home’s energy consumption. While you are awake and active at home, keeping your thermostat set at the warmest temperature in summer and coldest temperature in winter at which you are comfortable is another effective way to minimize energy costs and prolong HVAC system longevity. Older manual thermostats require you to adjust the temperature via the thermostat every time you wish to make a change; newer programmable thermostats allow you to create heating and cooling programs ahead of time that will be executed throughout the week, based on your schedule. Making use of a programmable thermostat is often more effective than manually adjusting the temperature, as you cannot forget to turn your HVAC system on or off. Wireless thermostats allow access to your heating and cooling controls from anywhere via the internet, improving control further by letting you make changes even while you are away from home to accommodate changing weather or scheduling plans.

Today’s thermostat technology is designed to make heating and cooling your home easier and more efficient than ever before. If you have questions about home efficiency, heating and cooling, or thermostat control, our experienced technicians can help you evaluate your home and install the best thermostat for daily convenience and energy savings. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let Washington Energy Services install a modern thermostat in your home this winter.

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