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How can you benefit from a furnace upgrade?

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An efficient home heating system will provide the level of comfort you want throughout the winter season at the lowest cost possible. If it’s nearly time for new furnace installation in your home, choosing a high-efficiency furnace product offers many clear advantages. Even if your existing furnace is in relatively good shape, it’s still important to consider its expected lifetime and the potential savings you could gain from a furnace upgrade sooner rather than later. If you have questions about upgrading your furnace and the potential advantages of this move, your Seattle-area home heating service can help.

A more comfortable home

One of the biggest advantages you’ll gain from making a furnace upgrade is a more comfortable home during the winter. A heating system that is efficient will simply perform better over the long term, keeping your home at exactly the temperature you want, even when the weather outside grows cold. Upgrading your home heating system to a more efficient solution, such as a variable speed furnace, will ensure that every area of your home is kept warm in a more even and regular manner, eliminating uncomfortable hot and cold spots and temperature swings throughout the day.

Monthly energy savings

Upgrading your furnace can offer more than just comfort—a more efficient furnace will also reduce your monthly energy costs, allowing you to save money rather than spend it on heating your home. Furnace efficiency is measured via a value called AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, which calculates the amount of heating your furnace provides per unit of fuel. The higher your furnace’s AFUE, the less fuel the system wastes because more fuel is turned into heat for your home. Today, furnaces are available with extremely high AFUE ratings, allowing you to get more from each dollar you spend on home heating so you can pay less without sacrificing the indoor environment you want.

Less worry about furnace problems

Especially if your furnace is approaching the end of its expected lifetime, a furnace upgrade is a smart move that you won’t regret. The older your furnace gets, the higher the chances become that you’ll experience a problem or failure that requires professional furnace repair or even complete system replacement. If you’re already calling your heating service frequently because your furnace isn’t reliable, you can certainly benefit from the elimination of this drain on your time and mental energy. Upgrading your furnace to a newer, more reliable system with a completely clean slate in terms of maintenance and repairs will put an end to worry about whether your furnace will provide the heating you need without a service call.

 A furnace upgrade for your home can offer both short-term and long-term savings when you choose an ENERGY STAR-rated furnace with 95% AFUE that is eligible for a $250 rebate. If it’s time to invest in a high-efficiency furnace from Bryant in the Seattle, Everett, or Tacoma areas, contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your home’s current furnace system.

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What is a modulating furnace?

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Did you ever notice that when your furnace reaches its set temperature and shuts off, there are pockets in the room that are still cold? Pretty soon, you’re pulling the throw over you until the heat snaps back on again. A modulating furnace can counter that and stabilize the comfort and heat you feel.

The National Association of Homebuilders likens a standard furnace to stop & go traffic, with its inefficient use of energy for your car and frustration for you. Modulating furnace performance is more like highway driving, where you are cruising along, making slight operating adjustments while achieving maximum efficiency. The modulating furnace operates with finesse to reduce temperature fluctuations, providing consistent indoor temperature, quiet operation, and an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) up to 98%. That means fuel is used more efficiently, reducing your energy cost. Plus, the home can be more easily and efficiently kept in the perfect comfort zone.

Furnace Temperature Swings

Typically this type of gas furnace, such as Bryant’s Evolution series, combines a modulating gas valve with a variable-speed blower. The furnace then adjusts automatically between 35% and 100% of total capacity, in small increments, continuously regulating the amount of fuel burned according to the thermostat setting. This maintains the temperature to within a ½ degree of your thermostat’s set point. For comparison, you might experience a 6-10 degree swing in temperature vs set point between the cycles of a standard furnace.

The heating mode starts with the gas at 100% and the fan at 0%, the valve reducing and the blower increasing until maximum efficiency is reached. The fan then runs continuously, ramping up or down depending upon air delivery requirements. Since the fan and burner almost never run at full capacity and energy-robbing on/off cycling is eliminated, the unit is highly fuel-efficient.

High efficiency modulating furnaces might qualify for federal energy tax credits. Ask your Home Energy Specialist for more details. Schedule a free estimate today if you’re tired of wasting energy and being uncomfortable.

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