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Planning a Bellevue home improvement project? Remember your HVAC system!

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Home improvement projects are a great way to enjoy more square footage, increased home value, and an updated living space in Bellevue, Washington. However, during the planning stages of any home addition or renovation, it’s also important to consider your current HVAC system and how your new space will affect its efficiency. Because HVAC systems should be matched to your home in terms of capacity and function, determining whether your current system is up to the task of heating and cooling your addition is an integral step in the design and construction process.

HVAC capacity and efficiency

Each HVAC system features a specific capacity, which governs the size of the space it can comfortably heat and cool. When you ask your HVAC system to maintain a temperature in a larger space than it is meant to service, it will strain to meet your needs, increasing the chances of a breakdown, speeding up wear and tear, consuming more energy, and diminishing home comfort. Any time you add climate-controlled square footage to your home, including extending your HVAC system into a garage, attic, or basement that was not previously heated or cooled, it’s a good idea to contact a professional for a home energy audit and an HVAC assessment to ensure your current system is capable of meeting your new needs. If the space in which you want heating and cooling exceeds your current HVAC system’s capacity, it’s beneficial to explore your options for new system installation to match your heating and cooling system with the new needs of your updated home. Even if you won’t be adding space, it’s a good idea to work with your HVAC service to make sure heating and cooling registers are placed appropriately in any room you plan to renovate. This will ensure your new space is comfortable and your HVAC system doesn’t experience added strain by changing the optimal configuration of your ducts.

Post-project cleaning

HVAC and duct cleaning are a great way to renew your HVAC system for greater efficiency and reduced risk of breakdown, while also improving the quality of the air inside your home. Following any home renovation, addition, or other project that involves demolition or construction, HVAC cleaning and duct cleaning can help to eliminate construction dust and debris from the air you breathe. Oftentimes, this dust and debris can easily circulate through your home during the project, regardless of whether your HVAC system is operating or not. When this debris settles into your ducts or on your HVAC appliances, it can affect function and indoor air quality, no matter how thoroughly you or your contractors clean your home after the project is through. Professional HVAC cleaning and duct cleaning will completely eliminate construction dust and debris from your system for a clean, healthy, and efficient home.

If you’re planning any type of home project this spring, our HVAC experts can help you make sure your heating and cooling system is up to the task. We are pleased to offer services that include home energy audits, air duct cleaning, and new product installation so you can enjoy the indoor comfort you expect in every area of your home. Request an appointment online or give us a call for HVAC tune-ups in Bellevue today.

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The role of HVAC maintenance in home comfort

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Better efficiency

HVAC efficiency is essential when it comes to enjoying comfort at home. A furnace or air conditioner that is not efficient will both consume more energy to generate heated or cooled air, as well as perform poorly when distributing that conditioned air to the rest of your home. This may result in an entire home that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, or in uneven heating and cooling that leaves some areas of your home comfortable while others feel unbearable. A perfectly-tuned HVAC system will deliver conditioned air effectively throughout your home, while running for shorter periods of time and consuming less energy overall to do so. This means you can easily maintain the even, comfortable home environment you expect with the least strain on your system, and without the need to constantly adjust your thermostat in an attempt to keep your home heated or cooled comfortably.

Better air quality

The condition of your HVAC system also affects the air quality in your home. When your HVAC system is dirty or its air filter has become clogged, your heating and cooling system will circulate that dirt and dust throughout your living spaces, causing a higher incidence of asthma, allergies, and eye, nose, throat, and mouth irritation, even in healthy family members. Dirty or water-damaged ducts and HVAC appliances can even harbor mold, bacteria, or viruses, circulating these microorganisms as well during function and posing an additional risk to your health and comfort. Finally, a dirty and dusty HVAC system will make your home appear dustier as well, detracting from its look and requiring you to spend more time cleaning, rather than enjoying your home and its furnishings in comfort.

Better performance

HVAC maintenance is the key to long-term system performance. Many HVAC appliances lose efficiency quickly over time when they are not maintained, and are also at higher risk for a major breakdown that can leave your home without heating or cooling at the coldest or hottest times of year. Investing in HVAC maintenance means investing in your future home comfort by drastically lowering the chances of a major heating or cooling breakdown that could leave your family uncomfortable during extreme weather for the hours or days it takes to repair or even replace a damaged appliance.

Our Guardian Maintenance Club offers precision tune-ups for your home so you can enjoy the longevity, performance, and efficiency you expect from your HVAC system. If you’d like to learn more about caring for your heating and cooling system’s needs, please read through our blog for additional tips and information to help you save time and money. You can also reach an HVAC technician on our website for personalized advice on maintenance, repair, and installation service in the Seattle area.

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What happens during an HVAC tune-up?

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Regular maintenance and tune-ups hold many benefits, including better performance, greater longevity, and a reduced risk of problems or breakdowns when you need your HVAC system the most. Your Seattle HVAC service can help you enjoy the improved home comfort that comes with a well-tuned system by offering regular tune-up services for both your home heating and cooling systems. Keep reading to discover what to expect from a professional HVAC tune-up and why your home can benefit so much from this simple service.


HVAC tune-up services begin with a thorough inspection of your entire heating and cooling system, including your appliances and your thermostat. This inspection checks the condition of the electrical and mechanical components inside each appliance to look for dirt, wear, or damage that may affect heating and cooling performance. Your flue and ductwork will also be inspected for damage, corrosion, or buildup. During the inspection, your HVAC service technician will closely examine any and all safety measures to ensure your system is operating within safe and optimal parameters. The batteries in your thermostat will also be checked and replaced if necessary, and any minor adjustments your system may require will be made as part of your tune-up service, such as straightening your air conditioner coil fins and checking the schedule set in your thermostat.


HVAC tune-up services also include a full system cleaning. Dirt and dust buildup are a common cause of increased energy bills and poor HVAC performance, as airflow and efficiency are both hindered by these conditions. Your HVAC technician will take care to clean away any buildup and corrosion inside your heating and cooling appliances, paying attention to every area, including electrical components for safety. During this portion of the HVAC tune-up service, your technician will also check and replace your air filter if necessary for cleaner indoor air and improved airflow through your heating and cooling system. If your system includes a condensate tray or drip line, these components will also be emptied and cleaned to prevent leaks and backups.


Once the system check and any cleaning services have been completed, your HVAC technician will brief you on the status of your heating and cooling system. He will also make recommendations based on his overall findings, such as whether components of your heating and cooling system require repair or replacement, and whether you may want to consider an additional service such as duct cleaning for a healthier home and better HVAC performance. You will also be able to ask your HVAC technician any questions you may have about your system, such as its age, general condition, and whether he might recommend upgrading or replacing the system in the future for better performance and monthly savings. If you opt to make any necessary repairs immediately, your technician will complete this service before your tune-up is considered complete.

Is your HVAC system overdue for a tune-up to improve its performance? Our experienced heating and cooling technicians in Seattle offer precision tune-ups for indoor and outdoor home comfort systems, as well as for fireplaces, generators, and water heaters. You can find out more about this service and our other home comfort solutions when you visit us on the web, or read more about how to keep your HVAC system in great shape on our monthly blog.

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Washington Energy named #1 in HVAC by Puget Sound Energy

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PSE’s Leader Awards recognize companies based on how much energy and money they have saved PSE customers. Our HVAC and Windows installations in 2013 saved an equivalent of powering 52 electric homes plus 112 natural gas homes for a year, plus a good deal of savings in energy efficiency rebates. Check out what PSE had to say about this award.




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