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Seattle’s Forecast for Another Hot Summer

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In 2017, Seattle’s rainfall was over 10 in. above average, and we broke a 122 year old record for the wettest winter-spring season (Oct-April)*. This was followed by 55 days without rain, breaking another record.

Earlier snow melting and drier summers will have significant consequences for our Northwest ecosystem, including impacts on fish populations and increased risk of wildfires. Our home comfort will be affected too. The historically gentle temperature range, punctuated by a few days of heat and a few of freeze, will continue to move toward more extremes. This puts greater demands on our houses for proper and sufficient ventilation, and equipment to keep us comfortable.

NOAA’s Summer 2018 Forecast

The big swings in rainy and dry conditions in the Northwest are expected to continue. The current forecast for spring shows below normal temperatures through this month (May) with normal precipitation, switching over to drier and hotter than average this summer. NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) provides the country’s official weather forecasting. Their summer forecast map below shows a 50% chance of above normal heat this summer. They also forecast precipitation significantly below average this summer.


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Why Are There Utility Rebates for Energy Conservation?

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Our government and utilities generously fund rebates to incent our energy efficient upgrades. This is because our state has set efficiency and conservation requirements for our utilities to hit. “The total amount of savings regulated utilities expected to save in 2017 was roughly equivalent to the amount of electricity it would take to power over 38,000 homes, and the amount of natural gas it would take to supply approximately 7,000 homes,” (Source WA Utilities and Transportation Committee; 2018 goals not posted). In fact, Washington State is a leader in energy efficiency, and has consistently ranked in the top ten on the national American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard since 2007.

Homeowners get to benefit as the utilities pass along a portion of the energy savings to us in the form of rebates. The primary utilities in Western Washington are Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, and Snohomish PUD, but all of our local power companies have some rebates.

For more information or to schedule your rebate qualified upgrade, contact Washington Energy Services.

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