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In photos: ductless heat pump installation

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Ductless heat pumps use less energy and provides more heat for your energy dollar – now that’s technology at work! Compared to electric baseboard or wall heat, you could see a 25-50% reduction in heating costs (source NEEA, NW Ductless Project). We can have systems installed and ready to use in as little as one day.

The excitement begins when the Washington Energy Services truck backs into your driveway. Enhanced home comfort will soon be installed for this happy homeowner.

Washington Energy Services Ductless heat pump installation

Besides the fantastic energy savings, ductless heat pumps offer many more benefits. For instance, they can be installed in tight spaces (half the size of traditional heat pump units) and they’re also much quieter – meaning you (and your neighbors) will hardly notice it.

Washington Energy Services Ductless heat pumps

Part of this home’s installation is an attic cartridge, which will transfer cool air from the unit through flexible ducts to openings in the ceiling or wall. If you have a few rooms connected via attic, this saves you from needing to install a mini-split evaporator in the room.

Washington Energy Services Ductless heat pumps seattle heat pumps Washington Energy Services Ductless Washington Energy Services heat pumps Ductless

Additional evaporators (also known as “heads”) are installed in the kitchen and in two bedrooms. These small units will provide room-by-room controlled comfort.

Washington Energy Services Ductless heat pumps bellevue wa Washington Energy Services Ductless heat pumps tacoma wa Washington Energy Services Ductless seattle heat pump installation Washington Energy Services seattle wa heat pump Ductless

With the attic work complete, our installer is able to crawl out of the tight space with a smile on his face – proud of a job done right!

Washington Energy Services Ductless heat pumps seattle wa Washington Energy Services Ductless daikan heat pump lynnwood wa

If you’re considering a move to a ductless heat pump, give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate request form.

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Top 6 reasons to go ductless for heating

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1) What is the difference between a ductless heat pump and a ductless split or mini-split?

There is no difference. There are a lot of people who refer to the ductless heat pump as a split because it is a ‘split’ system where one part is outside and another part is inside your house.

2) Do I need a ductless split for each room of my house?

Typically no, you will most likely need one outdoor heat pump unit and it can be attached to many indoor wall mounted registers (aka “heads”) that will cover your living area with lovely heating and cooling. For very large homes, you may need a second outdoor unit so that all of your rooms can be reached in an efficient manner.

3) Is it true that ductless systems are ultra-quiet?

Yes, the indoor units of most ductless systems are so quiet you will barely hear them when they are on high speed. The Daikin Quaternity, for example, is 26 dba indoors. The outdoor units are also much quieter than air source heat pumps. These systems can work in areas where there are strict noise ordinances. Come by our offices, we have 7 working ductless units that we use to heat and cool our offices and you can hear for yourself.

4) Is there a federal energy tax credit for ductless heat pumps?

Yes, until December 31st, 2013. There is a credit of 10% of the fully installed price of the heat pump up to $300 for ones 15 SEER rated or higher.

5) Are there utility rebates for ductless heat pumps?

Yes, if you have electric heat in your home as the primary heat source you could be eligible for up to $1500 in rebates. To get these rebates you need to use a contractor who is qualified by the utility company – such as Washington Energy Services.

6) Will I be able to get rid of my baseboard heaters?

That will be up to you and how much of your house you decide to cover with ductless units. Many people do just get rid of them, while others will keep baseboards in some rooms. The ductless systems from Daikin and Fujitsu can heat even when it is very cold outside, so you may not want to keep your ugly old baseboards as backup heat. Ask our home energy specialist about this while he is assessing your home for a ductless system.

For all things ductless, give us a call at 800-398-4663 or stop by our Lynnwood, WA showroom, 8-5pm Monday through Friday. We will show you how ductless heat pumps work and you can sign up for a free in home estimate.

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