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3 ROI-friendly home upgrades for Puget Sound home sellers

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Invest in new fixtures and hardware.

Perhaps one of the least expensive upgrades you can make, new fixtures add shine and newness to any room. An older bathroom sink can instantly be brought into the 21st century with a new faucet, which can quickly and inexpensively be replaced by Washington Energy Services. The same goes for a leaky or outdated bath faucet.

Updated hardware is also a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade your home. For example, doors with scratched brass doorknobs are given new life with modern brushed metal options. Changing or adding modern or classic cabinet hardware is also a way to upgrade the kitchen—an important and lucrative area when selling a home.

Open the door to higher offers.

The National Association of Realtors develops a report each year that compares remodeling cost versus value. This report rates home projects with the highest and lowest return on investment. Door replacement consistently ranks very high in terms of ROI. That’s because a front door—good or bad—makes a first impression. An old or damaged door screams cheap, while a new or well-maintained door says sophistication.

Door options from Washington Energy Services can replace your outdated or worn-out door with a classic, traditional, or modern option. If a new door isn’t in the budget, invest in a high-gloss paint and give your door a pop of color.

Make the move to vinyl windows.

Many older homes still have single pane or aluminum-framed windows. If you have a few (or more) of these in your home, consider replacing them with vinyl windows. The presence of single pane or aluminum-framed windows are a deterrent that are noticed by potential buyers, because they are less energy efficient, collect condensation, and can be drafty.

If a full window replacement isn’t an option for your home because of budget, pick a few of the more prominent or drafty windows to replace.

Just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t stand out. Most homes can benefit from a few quick upgrades, and your bottom line can as well.

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Front door materials: wood or fiberglass?

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Without a doubt, wood doors are stunning. Their exquisite texture and design perfectly complement the Pacific Northwest aesthetic. As a bonus, they match nearly any color palette found on your home, and can work with traditional, classic, or modern exteriors. Today’s wood doors offer ornate, yet energy efficient glass accents and beautiful mouldings.

Washington Energy Services offers several beautiful wood door collections from Codel.

  • Douglas Fir Raised Panel Door Collection: You can’t go wrong with hand crafted insulated glass.
  • Douglas Fir Craftsman Door Collection: This one is called craftsman for a reason—the handcrafted quality shows in these natural wood doors.
  • Knotty Alder Raised Door Collection: Built for performance, this collection’s quality is equaled only by the beauty of its raised mouldings.
  • Knotty Alder Craftsman Door Collection: The name says it all—the knotty alder wood exudes warmth and luxury.


Fiberglass exterior doors offer homeowners the ultimate in durability and flexibility. They’re nearly maintenance free and have an impressive lifespan. Plus, Codel’s composite framework seals out moisture and provides premier insulation, which is good news for your energy bills.

Codel doors are available in both smooth and textured fiberglass. They can also be stained or painted again and again. Vibrant yellow, brick red, sleek black—your door can change as frequently as your style preferences!

WES has so many Codel fiberglass doors, we can’t even list them all here! Check out the full collection, the Rustic Collection, or our Mini Blind collection and find the perfect door for your unique home and style.

Whether you select warm wood or flexible fiberglass, you really can’t go wrong! Both materials offer equal parts beauty and strength. Select either material to instantly upgrade the overall look, curb appeal, and energy efficiency of your home.

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