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3 ways to help your home get lucky this month

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Get cool with A/C.

Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is forecast to be a chilly one. But in just a couple short months, you’ll be perspiring in the PNW sun. Get a jump start on your air conditioning game by installing a new unit now. Not only will you save 20% this month, but you’ll also beat the summertime rush of boiling hot homeowners.

See clearly.

Windows should make your home feel brighter, larger, and fresher—not colder. Are your windows letting in more than light? If you’re dealing with drafty seals, condensation between panes, old aluminum frames, or just unsightly windows, now’s the perfect time to replace them. Several of these issues contribute to poor energy efficiency, which can wreak havoc on your energy bill.

Enjoy the light of spring without all the hassle and cost. Plus, with 20% off through March, you’ll see more clearly than ever.

Look on the bright side[ing].

Think of your home’s siding as a fine suit. It’s the first thing you notice on a home’s exterior. Is your siding just not fitting well? Is it showing wear and tear? Is it straight out of 1977? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider upgrading your siding to a more contemporary, tailored solution. When you replace your siding, you instantly increase the value and durability of your home. Fiber cement siding is low maintenance and comes in beautiful shades of baked-on color.

During the month of March, James Hardie fiber cement siding is 20% off. Who said a finely tailored suit had to be full price?

Heating units, gas fireplace inserts, generators, insulation, and tankless water heaters are also 20% off through the end of March. Check out our Offers page for all sales and specials.

March is a time to save some green and get lucky. Washington Energy Services’ great prices, expert specialists, and huge product selection will help you accomplish both.

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Soundproofing your home for rest, relaxation, and recreation

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How can soundproofing benefit me?

Let’s highlight a few situations where soundproofing can make a big impact.
Homes located near airports or major freeways are obvious candidates for soundproofing, as it can help eliminate the constant rumble of transportation. Boisterous neighbors can (unfortunately) be another catalyst for pursuing a soundproofing solution.

Home theater rooms can also greatly benefit from soundproofing to keep the auditory excitement of the movies in, and the exterior noise out. Soundproofing can also be extended to rooms that have loud appliances, rec rooms, or spaces that simply require more privacy.

What steps can I take to soundproof my home?

You may be surprised how simple it can be to reduce household and exterior noise.


First, think insulation. Increasing your interior and exterior insulation helps absorb noise and keep it contained where it belongs. And of course, adding insulation can help your home achieve better energy efficiency. The experts at Washington Energy Services can help you decide how much insulation is right for your home, for both soundproofing and energy efficiency.


Windows are another great way to help keep noise levels low. Adding windows with varying glass thickness or lamination can really save your sanity when it comes to outside noises. Newer energy efficient windows carry the added bonus, as they cut down on condensation and cold drafts, which increases the comfort of your home and keeps you warmer in the winter.

If this win-win-window solution sounds good to you, Washington Energy can advise you on both window selection and installation.


Our Prodigy insulated vinyl siding offers additional r-value and sound deadening properties. Often paired with window projects, siding can be an additional resource if you’re seeking peace and quiet.

Honking. Sirens. Airplanes. Neighbors. If one or more of these things are impacting the quietude and comfort of your home, let us help you find a solution to regain your sanctuary.

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Exploring the benefits of fiber-cement siding for seattle homes

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Fiber-cement siding is one of many siding options available for your Seattle home; this versatile and cost-effective material is manufactured from a combination of cement, wood fiber, and sand. This type of siding material offers several benefits and advantages worth considering when building a new home or updating an older home’s exterior.
James Hardie is considered a world leader in fiber-cement siding products, offering a wide array of siding solutions for a beautiful and easy-to-achieve result.

It’s an environmentally-responsible product.

Today, making environmentally-responsible choices for your home doesn’t mean sacrificing style or quality. Fiber-cement siding products are typically made with recycled wood fiber, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing this siding product. Additionally, fiber-cement siding is extremely durable—it is both fire-resistant and weather-resistant, reducing the likelihood of damage that would require replacement before the product has reached its expected lifespan of 20 to 50 years. Because this product is so long-lasting, installing fiber-cement siding will reduce the amount of waste associated with home upkeep by reducing the frequency with which you’ll need to replace your siding. Furthermore, fiber-cement siding is available in a variety of styles and options, making it easy to install and minimizing onsite waste generation during the installation process.

It’s a versatile and cost-effective solution.

The look of your siding influences the look of your entire home, contributing to—or detracting from—your property’s intrinsic value and curb appeal. However, many of the most visually-appealing siding solutions, such as wood and vinyl siding, are expensive, and these products often require extensive and costly upkeep as well. Fiber-cement siding is a cost-effective alternative to these expensive materials that allows you to achieve the look you want at lower cost and with significantly less long-term maintenance. Modern fiber-cement siding products can be textured and colored to look like more expensive materials, including stucco and wood boards or shingles, but actually cost significantly less to purchase and install. Fiber-cement siding requires extremely little maintenance as well, lowering the time and financial costs associated with this product over the long term.

We are pleased to sell and install top-quality fiber-cement siding products in Seattle, including James Hardie siding. This siding solution comes with a 30-year manufacturer’s product warranty in addition to our company’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re ready to explore the benefits of James Hardie fiber-cement siding products and how they can transform the exterior of your home for added durability, value, and curb appeal; schedule a consultation today!

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Is it time to re-side?

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What is the condition of your current siding?

  1. Is there evidence of deterioration such as sagging, cracking, buckling or discoloration in vinyl siding.
  2. Are pieces missing or loose?
  3. Is the siding showing moisture or water stains? Water behind your siding can cause mold and rot on your home’s structure, and is a breeding ground for termites.
  4. Is paint peeling? Do you have to paint frequently?

Whether you choose to look at siding replacement for damage control or because it will give your home a beautiful new look, there are also energy saving benefits to doing so.  The benefits:

  • Whether its composite (vinyl) or fiber cement, siding products today are made to last and be low maintenance, even in our wet climate. The warranties run from 15 years to lifetime (and transferable).
  • If you painted every 5 years, you’d save at least the cost of 3 paint jobs or more if you had lifetime warranty siding.
  • New man-made siding products can look beautiful, even like cedar shake. They come in designer colors, with matching trims and moldings.
  • The new materials used today and methods of application can lower your utility bills. For example, Cedar Ridge Siding says” If your home doesn’t realize a 20% improvement in energy savings in the first year, we’ll pay the difference”. You can install insulation under fiber cement siding or buy insulated composite siding. This can decrease your heat loss and make your home more comfortable.
  • Many siding materials now include recycled materials. The US Green Building Council, for example, recognizes fiber cement siding for its sustainability. (Source: James Hardie Siding).
  • Protection – some types of siding, such as fiber cement are non-combustible. Siding can straighten wall imperfections, and fortify corners and windows to prevent heat loss. And it can take a pounding – even hurricane force winds.

Costs vary by region but typically, vinyl and composite are lower cost. Fiber cement is in the middle and cedar and masonry are highest. You’ll want to speak to any contractor about their installation methods as these are important to having a good, energy efficient finished product and making sure your install meets warranty requirements.

To find out more about siding and learn how re-siding is done, contact Washington Energy Services in Seattle at 1.800.398.Home. Washington Energy Services sells top name brand CompositeVinyl and Fiber Cement Siding and has design and installation professionals trained to make your siding experience turn-key and your home beautiful.

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