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Spring is the time to think about air conditioning

Danielle Onat | 04/04/2022 | Posted in Cooling, Air conditioning

Warm weather is definitely on the way. Soon we'll trade in the wind and rain for beautiful, sunny days — goodbye coats, hello shorts! But if last summer is any indication, beautiful can mean HOT. 

We’re sure you’ve heard it: “You don’t need air conditioning in the PNW.” But as each summer seems to get more stifling, this is no longer the case. In fact, many homeowners are finding their homes to be unbearable. In order to keep you and your family comfortable, happy, and productive all summer long, air conditioning is becoming increasingly crucial.

Spring is the perfect time to make this important investment in your home. As we said before, we’re still dealing with chilly weather, so air conditioning may be the last thing on your mind. (In fact, you’re probably still cranking the heat on a daily basis!) But if you get the ball rolling now rather than in July, you won’t have to wait in repressive heat while we meet the needs of hundreds of homes. You’ll be provided with an air conditioning solution now, so you can chill later.

Plus, contacting us for an estimate is a no-pressure, no-commitment decision. We’ll come to your home, present your options, provide an estimate, and offer guidance and expertise. Once you have all the information, you can decide which solution is right for your home and budget. Washington Energy Services has a myriad of air conditioning systems and options to help you break through the heat… without breaking the bank.

If you already have an air conditioning unit, spring is an important time for you, too. If you haven’t already, check out our past blog article about getting your air conditioner ready for summer. If your air conditioner is in less-than-stellar shape, give us a call for maintenance or repair. The same reasoning from above applies: the summer A/C rush is coming—and you can beat it.

Yes, we’re still dealing with some cool weather. But look into your summer crystal ball. Connect with Washington Energy Services—we predict a cool, comfortable summer in your future.

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