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Plumbing inspections have big payoff

Washington Energy | 07/07/2011 | Posted in Plumbing

Nobody likes to wake up in the morning, step out of bed, and feel wet, squishy flooring under their feet.  The first reaction, as it hits you that you just stepped into the lake that used to be your bedroom floor is probably “what the ####?” The next thought in your mind is “who do I call and ugh, how much is this going to cost?”


Plumbing emergencies never happen at the ideal time.  Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Hmmm… today seems like a good day to call a plumber.” Plumbing is one of those luxuries that we tend to take for granted until the day that you can’t flush your toilet or take a hot shower. Chances are that you never thought about having a plumber out until it gets to that emergency status of a flood, backed up drain, or no hot water.

Much like you should see the doctor every year; your plumbing system needs the same attention and care.  The best way to prevent a plumbing disaster is to have regular, thorough whole house plumbing inspections. Most people don’t realize that this service even exists. It does, and it can save you many headaches down the road.

When was the last time you were under your crawlspace to check and make sure that nothing was leaking?  How about flushing your water heater flushed as required by the manufacturer on an annual basis?  Have you had the water pressure checked, ever?

Here’s some of what a licensed qualified plumber will be doing when they give you an inspection.

  • Flushing the water heater and doing a safety check
  • Check fixtures in kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and crawlspace
  • Identify potential issues in the water and drain system
  • Note items that are in good condition
  • Give recommendations for improvements where needed.

No inspection can ensure against all future emergencies, but many pre-cursors to common problems can be found and fixed or at least, identified.

Your plumbing system is one of the most critical systems in your home, and deserves your attention.  Call or click Washington Energy Plumbing to have an experienced, licensed plumber out to perform a whole house plumbing inspection and a water heater flush and safety inspection.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

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