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A fitness plan… for your air conditioner

As outside temperatures start reaching 60 degrees or above, it’s the perfect time to “test run” the system. Though many companies will tell you they can check your air conditioner while the outdoor temperature is below 60 degrees, this is false. Almost every manufacturer recommends checking air conditioners when temperatures are above 60 degrees. I…

Posted in Air conditioning, Heat pump

Go with the air flow

I do understand that years ago the utility companies instructed customers to close the registers in the rooms not being used. This was okay for the systems in the 1960’s but not today, not in Seattle. Since about the late 60’s the products installed in homes have been forced air furnaces. These are designed for…

Posted in Air conditioning, Heat pump

What’s hot & cool at this year’s home shows?

A ductless heat pump is an electric heating and cooling system. In layman’s terms, there is a register inside your house that attaches to a wall (click here for info and to see a photo). It can be concealed by installing it into a duct in the ceiling (okay, we said it was ductless but there are ducted options)….

Posted in Ductless heat pump

Time for one resolution you CAN keep!

We are excited for a great new year and have lots of energy saving tips and information for you in our upcoming newsletters. If you have a suggestion and/or would like to see more on a particular topic, please let us know at info@washingtonenergy.com Making a New Year’s resolution is a time honored tradition. If you’re like…

Posted in Ductless heat pump, Insulation

Your furnace tune-up can save lives

The Washington State Department of health concurs and recommends having a trained professional check your gas appliances and fireplaces annually. Carbon monoxide, CO, can enter your home any time you have a defect in your furnace’s heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is the largest part of the furnace, usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, through…

Posted in Furnace

What should you expect from a home energy audit?

Many companies currently provide different kinds of Home Energy Audits. Here’s some facts to consider: Energy assessment – Many contractors provide an informal assessment where they come to your house and recommend some products that could make your house more efficient. This is not an audit. But it’s usually free, and if all you want…

Posted in Home energy audit

What is a modulating furnace?

Did you ever notice that when your furnace reaches its set temperature and shuts off, there are pockets in the room that are still cold? Pretty soon, you’re pulling the throw over you until the heat snaps back on again. A modulating furnace can counter that and stabilize the comfort and heat you feel. The…

Posted in Furnace

Weatherization tips for saving energy & money on utilities

Windows & doors Reducing leaks around windows, doors and chimneys in your home will result in considerable annual energy savings. Insulation Insulation levels in walls, ceilings and floors of your residence play a major role in determining heating costs and comfort. To get started, here are some basic tips: • Older structures may be under-insulated…

Posted in Heating, Cooling, Insulation

Tax credits for energy saving

There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your home from cost effective heating and cooling to simply changing light bulbs.Improving your home energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways to reduce ones carbon footprint and save on home energy expenses in Washington State. There are many ways to improve the efficiency…

Posted in Heating, Cooling

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