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Isn’t it time you elected to save money?

Danielle Onat | 11/04/2016 | Posted in Heating, Cooling

Our fellow Americans: we believe in the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of good deals. That’s why Washington Energy Services is featuring offers of presidential proportions during the month of November. So whether you’re leaning red on your ballot, or going all in on blue, these deals are for all.

Trade in your clunker and save.
Fall and winter is a time for family and relaxation—not clanking furnaces, drafty windows, or frigid showers. Now’s the time to adopt an “out with the old, in with the new” policy with our cash for clunkers deal.

It’s easy! Give us a call to come out and pick up your old unit. We’ll recycle it and give you 20% off the cost of a new unit and installation. Just what is eligible for this great deal? Check it out:

Heating: Perhaps the most important weapon in your cold-weather arsenal, furnaces, electric air handlers, boilers, ductless heat pumps, and heat pumps are all 20% off.

Cooling: Sure, air conditioning might not be on your mind in November—but maybe it should be. If your house was unbearably hot this past summer, beat next year’s A/C rush and upgrade your cooling system now. (It may not seem like it, but yes, the weather will turn warm again!)

Siding: Siding is your home’s first defense against the elements of winter. Protect it with new vinyl or fiber cement siding.

Fireplaces: Is there anything more pleasant than a warm fire in the winter? We didn’t think so. Cozy up to 20% off gas fireplace inserts.

Generators: It’s storm season in the Pacific Northwest. A new generator will ensure the power stays on when the wind and rain descend.

Windows: Replace those drafty windows to keep the cold air where it should be—outside.

Insulation: Old or inefficiently placed insulation can mean colder spaces and higher energy bills. Give us a call to give your home an insulation upgrade at 20% off.

Tankless Water Heaters: Who doesn’t love a cold shower on a November morning? Yeah, us either. Tankless water heaters offer unlimited hot water so everyone in the family gets a comfortable shower, even if the dishwasher and washing machine are in full swing.

And those aren’t the only deals we’re offering in the month of November. Take advantage of plumbing services, such as a $99 for a drain cleaning or a plumbing inspection. Or receive $500 off a complete home re-pipe. Finally, if you’re hoping to conserve energy and lower your bills, home energy audits are $200 off this month (use promo code “homeaudit”)!

November is a big month for our country… and your home. Now is the time to trump your energy bills and save a clin-TON of money with Washington Energy Services.

Contact us today for your free estimate.

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