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What is the importance of a home energy audit?

Lindsay Paramore | 01/21/2016 | Posted in Home energy audit, Plumbing

The amount of energy your home uses impacts you in many ways. The most direct way is the total amount owed on your utility bills each month—the more energy your home consumes, the higher the bills you will receive.

Additionally, greater home energy usage has an impact on the local and global environment. When more energy is required to maintain your lifestyle, more waste and greenhouse gases are generated in the overall production of the energy you use. A home energy audit is a complete evaluation of your home and the areas where energy is used or lost. The results of this audit are valuable in many ways, helping you to achieve a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective household for you and your family in Seattle.

A More Efficient Home

Your home’s energy usage is a direct reflection of its overall efficiency. When your home is drafty and your HVAC or plumbing system is poorly matched to your needs or in poor repair, it will take more energy to heat and cool your air and provide hot water throughout your home. The more energy your home uses, the less efficient it becomes, causing energy and resource waste as well as high costs over time. A home energy audit is designed to evaluate the overall efficiency of your home, as well as the factors that could be improved to increase efficiency and lower or eliminate energy waste. These factors include poor weather sealing that allows conditioned air to leak outside, dirty or damaged HVAC and plumbing appliances, and insufficient or deteriorating insulation that doesn’t help your home resist changes in indoor temperature due to weather and other influences. When these and other issues are identified and eliminated as the result of a home energy audit, your home will become more efficient and waste less energy to achieve the comfort and convenience you want, also lowering the waste associated with your home and your monthly utility bills.

A More Comfortable Home


Many of the factors that affect home efficiency also impact home comfort as well. Whether your home is losing conditioned air to uninsulated spaces or even the outdoors, or your Seattle home’s HVAC system is working much harder than necessary to provide the heating and cooling you want, your comfort levels inside your house will suffer. By identifying the areas that need attention to eliminate energy loss, a home energy audit also paves the way toward a home that is more comfortable in terms of temperature, humidity, and air quality. When holes or cracks in your home’s exterior and ducts are sealed, you won’t feel cold drafts during the winter or a weak flow of air from your registers. A more efficient water heater means you’ll enjoy cleaner, faster hot water from every tap, reducing the amount of time it takes to bathe or perform other tasks. Improved insulation and more efficient HVAC appliances mean feeling comfortable in every single room of your home, rather than experiencing hot and cold spots; furthermore, a clean HVAC system and duct work allows you to breathe in cleaner, healthier air as well, which reduces respiratory discomfort, allergies, and asthma.

Your family can benefit from a professional home energy audit, identifying areas where your home comfort and energy usage can be improved. Contact us today to schedule your own personal home energy audit and for 24/7 HVAC service and repairs, always choose Washington Energy Services.

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