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How to improve air quality in a pet-friendly home

Danielle Onat | 09/20/2017 | Posted in How to, Heating, Cooling

We love our pets. Whether it’s dropping big bucks on organic dog desserts or creating an Instagram account for your definitely-could-be-famous cat, many of us have no limits as to what we’ll do for Fido or Fluffy. But have you thought about how your pet is affecting your indoor air quality? If not, you should.

Dander — tiny pieces of skin that get sloughed off in the air — is the main culprit. For individuals with pet allergies or asthma, and even those without, too much dander in the air can worsen symptoms and increase discomfort.

As pet owners, we have a responsibility to keep our indoor air quality clean and healthy for our families. Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

Keep your pets clean.

Yes, this tip is obvious. But you’d be surprised how consistent baths and brushing can contribute to air quality. Regular dusting and vacuuming of pet hair is also crucial, as it immediately removes the dander from the room and prevents it from being recirculated by your HVAC system.

Purify your air.

Another easy tip: invest in an air purifier. With options for every budget, including the premier RGF Reme Halo Air Purification System from Washington Energy Services, air purifiers can significantly cut down on air pollutants.

Keep those air filters clean.

They may seem insignificant, but air filters are the unsung heroes of air purity. Located in your HVAC system, these filters trap particles that would otherwise pollute your indoor air. And remember, this is air that circulates all the time — the air your family is breathing.

Want a little assistance in remembering to change your air filter? Sign up for our Automatic Filter Replacement Program. We’ll automatically ship a new filter to your home when it’s time to change it out. You’ll be one step closer to a more pet- and person-friendly home.

Get your ductwork cleaned.

When it comes to air cleanliness, ducts are key. Unfortunately, pet dander can build up in the ductwork of your home, creating a constantly blowing highway of hair and skin particles. To combat this, we recommend that homeowners with pets get their ducts cleaned yearly. This won’t just help improve airflow and reduce allergens in your home, but will also ensure that less debris fall back into your heating system, prolonging the life of your equipment.

Your furry buddy isn’t going anywhere —they’re part of the family. Just make sure you follow these tips to improve the air quality of your home, your family’s comfort, and the longevity of your HVAC system.

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