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How a ductless system works and why it works better!

Washington Energy | 05/21/2012 | Posted in Ductless heat pump, Heat pump


Ductless systems have 3 main parts

  1. An indoor unit
  2. An Outdoor unit that sits on the ground
  3. A Remote that controls the unit

The indoor and outdoor ductless units are connected by a small bundle of cables including a refrigerant line. These cables only require a 3 inch hold in the wall for installation.

How a heat pump works

A heat pump transfers heat using refrigerant expansion and compression within a cycle…What does that mean?

It takes cold air and makes it warm, and takes warm air and makes it cold. The same system provides both heating and air conditioning.

While traditional heat pumps require a backup heating system when it’s 35 degrees or less, the ductless will still be creating comfortable heat at -15 F, that’s 15 below zero. That’s why ductless heat pumps are so popular in cold climates such as northern Europe.

More efficient

Here’s how a ductless system compares with other heating systems. It uses less energy and provides more heat for your energy dollar – now that’s technology at work!

Heating Fuel Type Annual Heating Cost *
Fuel Oil
Electric Furnace
Electric Resistance Heat
Wood Pellets
Heat Pump 9.0 HSPF
Ductless Heat Pump

* Cost estimates based on average sized, average insulated home, fuel price estimates as of 10/2009. Source Snohomish County PUD. Today’s costs are higher.

More comfortable

Ductless systems have an ultra quiet fan that circulates air evenly throughout living areas eliminating hot and cold spots.

You can use 100% ductless heat, or use a ductless heat pump in one area to supplement existing heating or cooling and increase your comfort. Perfect for older homes with limited ducting or additions.

2 Responses to “How a ductless system works and why it works better!”

  • Garay Raymond

    we are considering installing ductless heating/cooling for an addition to an existing home. We would want 6 units, 2 for bedrooms, 2 for family rooms and 2 for bathrooms.
    the addition is 20 feet by 40 feet by two floors with 7.5 foot ceilings. We would have them installed before the interior walls are in place. Please give estimates for materials.

    • Washington Energy

      Hello, Sorry we did not receive your message sooner, we had trouble logging in. Hope we are not too late!

      We have great ductless brands such as Daikin and Fujitsu which can power 6 indoor units with most likely 2 outdoor units. This will need to be reviewed in person to ensure we can get you the most heat for the lowest cost. Because ductless units can run from $2100-$10,000 depending on features, size, indoor heads etc, we can’t provide a quote until we see the house.

      We would love to quote and install ductless units for you. And we are having a 20% off sale right now. If you would like an estimate, please fill out the free estimate form on our website, or give us at call at 800 398 4663.

      Thanks for contacting us,
      Washington Energy


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