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Go with the air flow

Washington Energy | 02/15/2011 | Posted in Air conditioning, Heat pump

I recently visited a customer of ours that has had 3 service calls this year. As I surveyed the system to figure out why they have had so many problems, I noticed 4 of their 16 air registers closed. I asked them why they where closed and the customer replied "to save money".

I do understand that years ago the utility companies instructed customers to close the registers in the rooms not being used. This was okay for the systems in the 1960’s but not today, not in Seattle.

Since about the late 60’s the products installed in homes have been forced air furnaces. These are designed for a specific amount of air to flow through the furnace while operating. The ductwork is designed for this amount of air also. When air registers are closed it reduces the airflow and allows heat to buildup in the system. That heat has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is up the flue and out of your house. Closing 1 or 2 registers is fine in small rooms that get too hot. Keep as many registers open as possible so your furnace can operate at maximum efficiency. The same is true for heat pumps and central air conditioning. Airflow is key to efficient heating and cooling system and saving money.

As we approach the end of another winter, don’t forget your heating system and all the hard work it has done for you. It has been heating for 5 months… have you checked/changed your filter? You would be very surprised to hear how many service calls could have been avoided by performing this one simple task. If your filter is difficult to change, have a professional service organization install a filter box or rack in your system that allows easy access. When a technician comes out for your annual service ask them about this upgrade.

To find a qualified furnace service technician in your area, contact Washington Energy Services at 800-398-4663.

Our services also include duct cleaning and filter maintenance, and we can install air purification systems that will reduce indoor air pollution in your home.

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