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Gas Fireplaces and Winter: A Match Made in Heating Heaven

Danielle Onat | 11/20/2017 | Posted in Insulation, Tips to save money, Fireplace, Gas fireplace

The winter season is all about being nestled in front of a cozy fireplace with friends and family. It helps to keep the rain and cold at bay in the Puget Sound.

What says fall and winter better than a cozy fire? How about a cozy fire that is also energy efficient, safe, stylish, convenient, and provides warmth? Gas fireplaces from Washington Energy Services fit the bill. Take a look and sign-up for a Free Estimate.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s gas fireplace inserts from Archgard allow you to zone-heat your home, providing warmth to the room your family frequents the most. This helps you save on your energy bills because you don’t have to continuously run your furnace or heat pump throughout your whole home.

The inserts themselves also boast impressive energy efficient stats. In fact, all Archgard models offer at least an 80 AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). AFUE represents the percentage of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed. This percentage is especially impressive when you consider that these models offer both radiant and blown heat.


Wood burning fireplaces can pose serious health risks to your family. Smoke contains microscopic particles that get into your eyes, and worse, your respiratory system and bloodstream. At best, it might cause you to cough or have watery eyes. At worst, it can permanently damage your lungs.

Gas fireplace inserts remove this concern by providing the same look and feel like a real fire, without the safety hazards. No floating particles, no smoky rooms. Just you, a clean fire, and a safe home.

Style and Convenience

Gone are the days of limited gas fireplace options. For a traditional look, opt for decorative grates and surrounds. Or go sleek and simple for a contemporary decor. Whatever your preference, there are dozens of options for surround style, backgrounds, logs, and stones.

In terms of convenience, gas fireplace inserts really couldn’t be simpler. With the push of a remote control button, you have an energy efficient heat with no logs, matches, or ash.

Cozy Warmth

Finally, gas fireplaces provide a cozy warmth that you just don’t get with other heating systems. Models from Washington Energy Services feature a blower to efficiently heat a room, and radiant heat for a cozy, sipping-hot-chocolate-on-Christmas-Eve feeling.

There’s no better time than winter to install a gas fireplace to upgrade the style, efficiency, and warmth of your home. Contact Washington Energy Services for a free in-home estimate from one of our skilled technicians.

7 Responses to “Gas Fireplaces and Winter: A Match Made in Heating Heaven”

  • Evolution Fires

    After reading the blog, I would suggest to have an electric fireplace in your house to avoid the hazardous part and avoid toxic fumes. Reading this blog was worth the time spent.

  • Sabrina Addams

    My sister and her husband are renovating their vintage home to make it more modern and functional. When I was talking with her on the phone last week, she said that she was thinking about replacing their wood-burning fireplace with a gas fireplace. I think I will tell her that either would work, but a gas fireplace might match the convenient flow they’re trying to achieve in their home.

  • Ron Booker

    I found it interesting that you said that wood fireplaces can add a higher health risk than gas fireplaces. My wife told me that she wanted to add a fireplace to our living room for family gatherings. Thank you for helping me learn more about fireplaces, now we are going to start looking for one.

  • Modus Fireplaces

    Your simplicity of presentation is motivating for learning. Please keep it up for your teeming followers.

  • Sam Solo

    Gas fireplaces are definitely attractive considering their cleaner air options. My wife and I are thinking about adding a fireplace to our home for the winter and I’m not sure which kind we want. I’ll have to consider getting a gas one simply because I want to be able to avoid hazardous particles.


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