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Fall weather is on the horizon… is your home ready?

Danielle Onat | 10/13/2016 | Posted in Heating

While the fall season often brings moderate temperatures and sunny skies to the Pacific Northwest, we've seen that it also has a dark side. Downpours, wind storms, and cold temperatures are just a few of the surprises that fall has already thrown our way. It makes you wonder... what's next? Luckily, with help from Washington Energy, you won't have to wonder—you’ll be prepared for whatever fall brings.

Rainy days and windstorms don’t have to get you down.

In fact, you may not even notice them at all. If rain and windstorms are in the forecast (as they seem to be more and more), consider installing a generator from Washington Energy. Not only will your Honeywell standby generator work hard for the long haul, it’ll also be expertly installed by trained specialists who will ensure you get the right generator for your home and budget.

Generators don’t just provide warmth and power when the weather turns bad—they deliver peace of mind. Homework gets done, dinner gets made, and nightlights stay on through the storm.

Give cold weather the cold shoulder.

Have you fired up the furnace yet this year? Did it purr like a kitten or croak like a toad? If it was the latter, act now. Fall, while chilly, is still a great time to schedule a furnace tune-up, repair, or replacement before serious winter weather sets in. This month, trade in your old furnace and receive 20% off a new energy efficient model that will keep your family comfortable season after season.

Earth, wind, and insulation.

Insulation is the unseen hero when it comes to home comfort. If you notice cold air or drafty rooms, live in an older home, or simply aren’t sure about the state or placement of your insulation, give Washington Energy a call. We’ll send out a insulation expert to conduct an inspection in your attic, crawl spaces, ducts, and interior and exterior walls. They’ll inform you of where your insulation is doing its job… and where it might need some reinforcement. Plus, all insulation is 20% off through November 30!

Home Energy Audit

Not sure where to start when it comes to counteracting cool fall weather? Consider a Home Energy Audit from Washington Energy. This in-depth audit performs testing to pinpoint where your home is losing energy—and additionally, warmth. Your dedicated Home Energy Specialist will explain the results of the audit and any recommendations so you can better understand how your home performs to make it more comfortable and lower your energy bills.

So if you’re nervous about fall or even winter weather, relax. With premier products and personalized, expert service, Washington Energy will take care of the weather, while you take care of the cider drinking, pumpkin carving, and football watching.

Contact us today for your free estimate.

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